How to add new key for 2005 Ford Focus by Lonsdor K518S?

Have one 2005 Ford Focus to add new key, using Lonsdor K518S key programmer to do the job perfectly.

add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-01 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-02

It’s very easy to use Lonsdor K518S, these are function menu.



Insert the original key into the ignition and turn the ignition on, the flashing light will go solid and then go out that indicates the system is working.


Insert one new key that has been cut into the ignition, the flashing light goes just flash, that means it’s not programmed yet.

add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-05 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-06

Go to Lonsdor K518S menu, select “Immobilization” -> search Ford -> China (no USA and Europe option), but it does work -> Focus -> Classic Ford -> Type 2  -> Immobilizer -> Add key -> Downloading application…-> Connect device OBD test cable with vehicle OBD port, switch ignition ON. ->Communication connecting, please wait…-> Please insert the new key to be programmed. Note: It needs two right keys to start vehicle. ->Communication connecting, please wait… -> Identified number of programmed keys in cars:2  -> Programming, please wait… -> Programming complete, successfully programmed key count(2).

add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-07 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-08 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-09

add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-11 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-12 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-13 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-14 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-15 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-16 add-key-for-ford-focus-by-lonsdor-k518s-17

Pull out the new key from the ignition and insert it again into the ignition, all right the light goes solid and goes out, so that’s programmed.  Go to check another one key, so its light goes solid and goes out, they both work.


Therefore when it says keys programmed too it must have meant the new key count will be too, so there must have just been this one key programmed.


Question 1: why China model only? so it can’t do most of the Ford???

Reply: I can do most of Ford as you can see from the list on the tool

You have to select China but this works on Europe or American cars too. It just doesn’t list the other parts of the world. But it works. This was done on a UK Spec Ford.

Question 2: to program the remote key in the same procedure?

The remote is programmed manually by turning the ignition on and off 8 times until you hear a chime then pressing any button on the key fob buttons. Once this is done you’ll hear another chime Then that’s the remote programmed