How to use 2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine APP

2M2 Magic tank is a professional key cutting machine. You need to download 2M2 App to your mobile phone before cutting keys.


2M2 APP free download:!mhUEyAwI!5yVQD119moirlLs2Iu5AKtipivkwmvfBussu8w-Oi7s

Standard database version: 2019.0612

Important tips:

1.When 2M2 APP has been installed, just open the APP to cut keys by 2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine, no need to learn;

2.Special models do not need to change the fixture, just follow the APP prompt;

3.Cutting for Ford for Mondeo (FO21), for Jaguar (TEB1) round key, only need to clip the key blank once, fully automatic completion, global patent technology;

4.For new users do not know the key, directly against the picture selection;

5.The motor is powerful, can reach 12,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute),
cutting speed is the fastest in the same competition;

6.Double shaft design, avoid frequent replacement of milling cutter and needle;

7.The standard fixture is a 2-in-1 fixture, which can be used for cutting the vertical milling blank and the key of the horizontal milling blank;
It is not necessary to change the fixture frequently.

8.162T For Volkswagen 4 sides, only need to be clamped once, can be fully automatic four side cutting;

9.Toy2 does not need special fixture, directly cut the key, other manufacturers need to install gasket fixture;

10.For Volkswagen’s hu66 is also directly available in this standard fixture for direct cutting.
At present only our fixture can do, other brands have to change the fixture or put a special fixture on it.

2M2 Magic Tank cut keys for FIAT/ ALFA ROMEO /OPEL / Mercedes-Benz and VW:

Hope it helps!