When you get 2M2 Magic Tank in hand, what should you do first?

Q: I get my 2m2 magic tank key cutting machine, but it doesn’t work properly.The blue circle keeps appearing in app and just keeps hanging and I have to close it.Attached the pic.

A:You did not install cutter and probe correctly.

So What you should do when you first get the 2M2 machine in hand?

1. Please scan the below QR code by android phone to download APP.Cannot support iOS mobile device right now.

2. Install cutter & probe. Please follow this video to do it:

Note:Please do not install cutter and probe in the converse position.

3.Do Calibration.Here is the video instruction.

Note:You must use hon66 key blank to do calibration.

4. All the above steps OK.  Now it is time to cut keys, it is easy to use machine.App hasmanual, 3D manual pictures insided in APP. If you want to cut any key,3D pictures will guide you how to operate step by step.

Kindly note: You need to do calibration after changing probe and cutter and also Fixture.

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