Obdstar Key Programmer Upgrade of June 2020

newest update on June 2020, The update including key programming, Mileage Programming,Oil Service Resetting,Optimization and Tablet Display Program Software.

Obdstar Tablet Key Programmer includes: Obdstar X300DP Plus Pad2, Obdstar X300 Pro3 key master, Obdstar X300 DP Pad key master


Obdstar Tablet Key Programmer Update details on June 2020:



1. Increased CAS1/CAS2 IMMO Data( Help Info) V10.01

2. Increased CAS3 IMMO Data( Help Info) V10.01

3. Increased German V30.37

4. Optimized the FEM/BDC Document ID V10.01

5. Optimized CAS2 immo data V30.37

6. Optimized FEM/BDC enable key function V30.37


1. Increased new IMMO Data(help info) for Benz software V10.00


1. Optimized Karry K50 electrocar_remote system V30.45

2. Optimized Chery_Tiggo5_remote system V30.45

3. Optimized IMMO system_Chery auto immo system_Engine ECU program V30.45

4. Optimized smart key system_Tiggo8_Ariza 7E_Type2 (pincode free) V30.45

5. Optimized Chery Tiggo8_Type2_ (pincode necessary) V30.45


1. Optimized Software of Peugeot 408 T7 immo system V32.34

2. Optimized Software of 2006 Peugeot 406 pincode reading V32.34

3. Increased German V32.34

4.  Increased help info (doc.) V10.00


1. Increased GRAND VOYAGER 2018,2019 smart key programming (Pincode free) V33.04

2. Increased tips for Jeep Renegade 2015-2017(Beta) V33.05

3. Optimized Software of 2011 Wrangler original key programming V33.04

4. Optimized Chrysler IMMO Menu, correct and Increased help info for some cars V10.01

5. Optimized Jeep_RENEGADE_IMMO_2015-2017(Beta)_Making dealer key function V33.06

6. Optimized Jeep_GRAND-CHEROKEE_2018-2019_Smart Key Programming V33.06


1. Increased IMMO Data( Help Info) V10.00


1. Increased CF, LF, XF 2006- BLADE V30.00


1. Increased ALFAROMEO 159(1K79X ID46 eeprom) V32.46

2. Increased Tips for DELPHI 70F3556(MQB/Megamos AES)  V32.46


1. Increased 2020 Escape Smart key New Type V34.06

2. Optimized FUSION_USA_BLADE_2013-2019 all key lost Software V34.05

3. Optimized Ecosport_ -2017_Type 1_ Immo system V34.05

4. Optimized Ecosport_ -2017_Type 2_ Immo system V34.05

5. Optimized Software of New Focus after 2014 V34.05

6. Optimized 2015- EXPLORER smart key function V34.06

7. Optimized FOCUS_EUROPE_BLADE_2005-2011_TYPE 1 key programming function V34.06

8. Optimized IMMO System_Classic Focus_ -2011_Auto detect_Synchronize engine and immo V34.06

9. Optimized Mustang 2015-2017 Software all keys lost function, Increased function of delete keys V34.06

10. Optimized Mondeo _Proximity_Type 1 software V34.07

11. Optimized TRANSIT_EUROPE_BLADE_2014-2016_Add Key software V34.07

12. Optimized Territory 2019 IMMO System V34.07

13. Optimized EDGE 2017-_Smart Key system_All keys lost function V34.07


1. Increased GL8_With Smart_ 2019- (after 2019) V32.11

2. Increased Chevrolet LOVA and SPARK under African Area V32.12

3. Increased Cadillac Europe_BLS_Smart key system; American XT4, XT5 and XT6 Smart key system V32.12

4. Optimized Buick_GL6_With Smart_2017-, Buick_GL6_Without Smart_2017- Software V32.11

5. Optimized Software of EXCELLE_-2012_Remote Programming V32.11

6. Optimized Software of ENVISION -2017 V32.11

7. Optimized Software of MALIBU_With Smart_ -2016 key programming V32.11

8. Optimized Software of REGAL_With Smart_-2016_Type1_All Smart Key Lost V32.11

9. Optimized Buick GL8_2017-_2.0T_With Smart (No need the 10 digit auth-code) V32.12

10. Optimized Chevrolet EPICA 2013 Remote Programming software V32.12


1. Increased Greatwall H6-COUPE 2017- Smart Key System V31.77

2. Increased Greatwall CH041E Body Control System V31.77

3. Increased Haval M1 STEC IMMO System V31.77

4. Increased Haval M2 DIAS IMMO System V31.77

5. Increased Haval M4 STEC IMMO System V31.77

6. Increased Wingle7 Delphi Diesel(Delphi 4D20) IMMO System V31.77

7. Optimized GreatWall ORA R1 Smart Key System V31.77

8. Optimized GreatWall C30 Engine programming function V31.77

9. Optimized GreatWall VV6_2017-_Smart Key System V31.77

10. Optimized Haval F5_Smart Key System V31.77

11. Optimized Haval H6_2013-2018_Smart Key System_Kstar Knob PEPS system_Replace EMS V31.77

12. Optimized Haval H6 Kstar Knob PEPS system_Replace EMS V31.77

13. Optimized Haval H5_IMMO System_ Delphi Diesel(Delphi 4D20) IMMO System_key programming V31.77

14. Optimized Haval H2S_Smart Key System V31.77



1. Increased German V30.31

2. Increased help data for “make start keys”(smart key after 2015) function V10.01

3. Increased Immo data for X-TYPE V10.01 (Documents)

4. Optimized the tips V10.01 (Documents)

5. Optimized XF 2013- Smart key programming process V30.32


1. Optimized JAC_iEV7s_smart key system V30.46

2. Optimized JAC_Refine M5_Remote System_16PIN V30.46


1. Increased YU SHENG S330 Hui Chuang Immo system V30.23

2. Increased Pickup_Baodian_Remote_Manual Method V30.23

3. Increased Light Truck_N806_Tungthih BCM V30.23

4. Increased German V30.23

5. Optimized Yu Sheng S330 Smart key and S350 Smart key Pincode free system V30.23


1. Increased K5(DL3A) BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

2. Increased OPTIMA(JFA) 2019- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

3. Increased TELLURIDE(ON) 2018- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

4. Increased FORTE(BD) 2020- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

5. Increased K9(RJ) 2019- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

6. Increased NIRO(DE EV) 2019- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

7. Increased NIRO(DE HEV) 2019- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

8. Increased NIRO(DE PHEV) 2017-2019 BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

9. Increased SELTOS(SP2) 2020- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

10. Increased SOUL EV(SK3 EV) 2019- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

11. Increased SOUL(SK3) 2020- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

12. Increased STINGER(CK) 2018- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

13. Increased FORTE(BDM) 2019- BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

14. Increased BONGO3(PU11) 2004-2016 BLADE,REMOTE V31.00

15. Increased BONGO3-COACH(PU21) 2004-2007 BLADE,REMOTE V31.00

16. Increased BONGO3-TRUCK(PU11) 2008-2018 BLADE,REMOTE V31.00

17. Increased BONGO3-TRUCK(PU11) 2004-2007 BLADE,REMOTE V31.00

18. Increased CARENS(RP) 2017-2019 BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

19. Increased CARNIVAL(YP) 2015-2019 BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

20. Increased CARENS2/EXTRA(RS) 2002-2006 BLADE,REMOTE V31.00

21. Increased CARENS2/X-TREK(RS) 2002-2006 BLADE,REMOTE V31.00

22. Increased FORTE HEV(TD HEV) 2010-2013  BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

23. Increased FORTE HEV(TF HEV) 2010-2013 BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

24. Increased K3(BD) 2018-2019 BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

25. Increased K5 PHEV(JF PHEV) 2016-2019 PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

26. Increased MOHAVE(HM) 2017-2019 BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

27. Increased MORNING(JA) 2017-2019 BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

28. Increased PRIDE 2005-2019 BLADE,REMOTE,PROXIMITY V31.01 V31.00

29. Increased GRAND CARNIVAL 2015- BLADE TYPE 2 V31.00

30. Optimized smart key pincode reading function V31.00


1. Increased German V31.13

2. Optimized Software of 2012 Discovery 4 V31.13

3. Optimized Evoque -2013 Smart key programming V31.14


1. Optimized MAZDA 3_Type 5(Axela)(2018-) Smart key Software V30.69

2. Optimized MAZDA 3_Type 2_All keys lost Software V30.69


1. Optimized 2010 Nissan Tiida the problem of long-stay on same page when program the Remote V31.88

2. Optimized Nissan one-key smart key system with 4digit pins V31.88

3. Optimized knob key programming of 2010 Nissan Tiida V31.88

4. Increased German V31.88

5. Increased Nissan Juke Europe 2010- smart key system V31.88


7. Optimized Nissan_ 4 PIN _ Remote _ Type 1 V32.00

8. Increased 20 digital pincode_proximity_manual select system_type 5 V32.00


1. Increased German and other languages V31.32

2. Optimized the menu “select from vehicle” V31.32

3. Optimized “Select from Type_Smart key system_Type 1_Increased key” function V31.32


1. Increased ACCENT 2018-2019 PROXIMITY V31.01

2. Increased ALSAN(AG) 2015-2018 PROXIMITY V31.01

3. Increased AVANTE 2009-2019 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

4. Increased AVANTE COUPE(JK) 2013-2016 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

5. Increased AVANTE HEV(HD HEV) 2010-2014 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01


7. Increased AZERA 2012-2017 BLADE ,REMOTE V31.01

8. Increased BLUE ONE(EAEV) 2011 REMOTE V31.01

9. Increased ELANTRA 2019- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

10. Increased ELANTRA GT(PD) 2018- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01


12. Increased ENTOURAGE(EP) 2007-2010 BLADE ,REMOTE V31.01

13. Increased EQ900(HI) 2016-2018 PROXIMITY V31.01

14. Increased G70(IK) 2019- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

15. Increased G90(HI) 2018- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

16. Increased GENESIS COUPE 2010- PROXIMITY V31.01

17. Increased GRAND STAREX(TQ) 2008-2019 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

18. Increased GRANDEUR HEV(HG HEV) 2014-2016 PROXIMITY V31.01

19. Increased GRANDEUR HYBRID 2014-2019 PROXIMITY V31.01

20. Increased GRANDEUR(IG) 2017-2019 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

21. Increased GRANDEUR(TG) 2005-2011 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

22. Increased I30 2017-2018 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

23. Increased I40(VF) 2016-2019 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01



26. Increased IONIQ PHEV(AE PHEV) 2017-2018 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01


28. Increased IONIQ PLUG-IN(AE PHEV) 2017-2019 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

29. Increased KONA ELECTRIC(OS EV) 2019- PROXIMITY V31.01

30. Increased KONA(OS) 2019- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

31. Increased LAVITA(FC) 2001-2007 BLADE ,REMOTE V31.01

32. Increased LIBERO(SR) 2006-2009 BLADE ,REMOTE V31.01

33. Increased MAXCRUZ(NC) 2014-2019 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

34. Increased NEXO(FE) 2018- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

35. Increased PALISADE(LX2) 2018- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

36. Increased POTER2(HR) 2004-2019  BLADE V31.01

37. Increased SANTAFE 2019- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

38. Increased SANTAFE SPORT 2017-2018 REMOTE V31.01

39. Increased SOLATI(EU) 2015-2018 BLADE V31.01

40. Increased SONATA 2020- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

41. Increased SONATA 2015-2019 REMOTE TYPE2 V31.01

42. Increased SONATA HEV(LF HEV) 2016-2019 PROXIMITY V31.01

43. Increased SONATA HYBRID 2011-2015 BLADE ,REMOTE V31.01

44. Increased SONATA PHEV(LF PHEV) 2016-2017 PROXIMITY V31.01

45. Increased SONATA PLUG-IN HYBRID(LF PHEV) 2016-2019 PROXIMITY V31.01

46. Increased SONATA PLUG-IN(LF PHEV) 2016-2019 PROXIMITY V31.01

47. Increased TUCSON FCEV(LM FCEV) 2015-2017 PROXIMITY V31.01

48. Increased TUCSON FUEL CELL(LM FCEV) 2015-2017 PROXIMITY V31.01

49. Increased TUCSON IX FUEL CELL(LM FCEV) 2015-2017 PROXIMITY V31.01

50. Increased TUCSON IX(LM) 2004-2015 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

51. Increased TUSCANI(GK) 2001-2009 REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

52. Increased VELOSTER 2019- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

53. Increased VELOSTER N(JSN) 2019- PROXIMITY V31.01

54. Increased VENUE(QX) 2020- BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

55. Increased VERACRUZ(EN) 2013-2016 BLADE ,REMOTE ,PROXIMITY V31.01

56. Increased VERNA HEV(MC HEV) 2005-2009 BLADE ,REMOTE V31.01

57. Increased VERNA HYBRID(MC HEV) 2005-2009 BLADE ,REMOTE V31.01


59. Optimized 2012 Shengda_47 smart key pincode reading V31.01

60. Optimized 2019 Elantra_smart key system V31.01

61. Optimized Manual select_IMMO_Type 1 V31.01

62. Optimized the menu V31.01


1. Increased German V30.46

2. Optimized Opel 2007 ZAFIRA-B key programming procedures V30.46


1. Increased IMMO Data( Help Info) V10.11

2. Optimized help info of KADJAR, CLIO(2016-2019)

3. Optimized the Help Info V10.12


1. Increased German language V30.31

2. Optimized Rexton (gasoline) IMMO System V30.31


1. Optimized E100_Remote system V30.46

2. Optimized 560_Smart key system_Increased keys V30.46


1. Increased German V30.64


1. Increased German and other languages V32.22

2. Increased the menu of Smart key system_Type 2(Crown of 2012)_Clear Smart Key V32.23

3. Optimized smart key system – type 7(2020) V32.22

4. Optimized Lexus RX270 smart key system V32.22

5. Optimized Smart key system_Type 2(Crown of 2012)_Add Smart Key V32.23

6. Optimized IMMO System_Type1 (67/68)_Immo reset software V32.23


1. Increased Vietnamese, Hebrew and German V30.10


1, Increased new RFID software V34.48

Cluster Calibration  


1. Increased ALFA MITO Cluster Calibration V30.12


1. Increased Help Info V10.00


1. Increased tips of FCA Converter for cars after 2018 V30.47


1. Optimized Software of KIA K5 D70F3423 V30.99

2. Optimized Software of KIA CEED NEC after 2011 V30.99


1. Increased Maserati Quattroporte 2005-2006 Cluster Calibration V30.08


1. Increased ESCAPE V DASH(VISTEON),ABS Cluster Calibration function V30.86

2. Increased KADJAR DASH(VISTEON),ABS Cluster Calibration function V30.86

3. Increased MEGANE IV DASH(VISTEON),ABS Cluster Calibration function V30.86

4. Increased SCENIC IV DASH(VISTEON),ABS Cluster Calibration function V30.86

5. Optimized KADJAR software V30.86

6. Optimized Captur software V30.86


1. Optimized the help info and layout for Citroen/Peugeot V10.01

2. Optimized C4 Software V31.18

3. Optimized 301 Software V31.18

4. Optimized BSI EOX V31.18


1, Optimized the menu and Increased tips of FCA Converter for cars after 2018


1. Optimized VW K LINE Software

2. Optimized VW NEC35XX Software

3. Optimized AUDI A6L 2012- Software

Oil Service Reset

New Increased:

1. Junma series oil reset function  V32.23

2. Manuel reset  V32.23


Citroen: C4 AIRCROSS

SAIC MAXUS:D90,G10,G20,G50,T60


New Baojun: RS-5

Qoros: Qoros 5


3. Aston Martin and Maserati FCA help info  V32.23

4. Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge auto reset to zero, and FCA help info for cars after 2018 V32.23

5. Changhe Q7 and Beiqi BJ40 oil reset function  V32.23

6. GreatWall Fengjun 5,VV6 and P8 oil reset function  V32.23


1. Rework on the Greatwall series, modified the menu and software structure  V32.23

2. Optimized Manual reset for cars  V32.23:


Ford: Wing Tiger;



Roewe: 350, 950.

3. Optimized Benz menu and the tips  V32.23

4. Put Ford, Mercury, Lincoln at the same menu  V32.23

5. Modified part of the name with manual reset to zero function under Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep  V32.23

6. Capitalized the name of some brands  V32.23

7. Delete some Chinese brands  V32.23

8. Optimized Benz models as:298,290,205,257,238,213,293,253,222;  V32.23

9. Modified the auto reset to zero function of VW CAN protocol and Bosch protocol  V32.23

7. Increased Dongfeng Nissan, Zhengzhou Nissan, China Toyota, China Ford manual reset

8. Increased Ford Messenger,Motorhome/Removable Chassis Van, E-series shuttle bus manual reset

9. Increased Chrysler Grand Caravan/300/Poplar, Dodge Ram/Dodge Nitro/Dodge Dakota manual reset

10. Increased Mercedes-Benz and Smart VIN code auto select

11. Increased Besturn X40 2018 white screen auto reset

12. Optimized BMW auto reset

13. Optimized the Porsche menu

14. Optimized 2018 Cayenne and Panamera oil service rest

15. Optimized Roewe EI6/ERX5/I6/RX3/RX5 oil service reset

16. Optimized 2018 Cadillac XT5 and 2017 Geely Borui oil service reset

17. Increased new models of Geely: BINRUI, BINYUE, BORUI GE, DIHAO GL PHEV, DIHAO GSE, DIHAO NEW PHEV V32.24

18. Increased Manual Reset for Toyota Carola, Honda XRV, BYD Song Pro V32.24

19. Optimized the menu by Areas V32.24

20. Optimized Benz software V32.24

Tablet Display Program Software 

Increased the German language

Obdstar key programmer update history:  Obdstar Update


 MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key Assemble

MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key assembly process is available in this article, it shares the same procedure as that of Xhorse VVDI Benz smart key shell 3 button.

MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key is taken apart, and all parts are here:


Next is on how to put these parts together:

  1. Removethe cover and install the battery.


  1. Put into the CG MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Keypcb.



  1. Close the back cover.

assemble-cg-mb-fbs3-bga-keylessgo-key-04 assemble-cg-mb-fbs3-bga-keylessgo-key-05


  1. Buckle the metal edge.


  1. Match the key and test ifthe key works. Press the remote control button to see if the light is on.


  1. Install the small key clip and spring.


  1. Fit the tail.


  1. Buckle the plastic card.


  1. Install the small key.


  1. Assembly the key successfully.


Source: How to assemble MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key?

How to Choose Automative Key Cutting Machine,SEC-E9 or Alpha?

Alpha key cutting machine is the newest all in one automatic key cutting machine for standard keys, laser keys and dimple keys in the international market. What’s the difference with SEC-E9 key cutting machine? Check the comparison list below.

Details SEC-E9 Alpha
Image 2019-android-version-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine all-in-one-alpha-key-cutting-machine
Appearance Industrialize Modernize
Screen E9: 7″ Touch Screen (Without Battery)
EP&EB&EU: 8″ Tablet (With Battery)
EA: 7″ Android Screen (Without Battery)
7″ Android Screen (Without Battery)
Size 255(W)*360(H)*340(D)mm 305(W)*300(H)*400(D)mm
Weight 19.5kg 16kg
Main Jaw One Jaw to support car keys (including double standard keys and laser keys) 4-way Jaw to support car keys (including double standard keys and laser keys), special car keys( HU66,HU64, VA2, TOY2, BW9, SIP22, HU162T) and dimple keys
Optional House Jaw Dimple key jaw, Single sided key jaw, Tubular key jaw Single sided key jaw, Tubular key jaw
Optional Car Jaw HU66,HU64, VA2, TOY2, BW9, SIP22, HU162T, FO21, LDV FO21
Accuracy High Higher
Engraving Function Serial Number starting by E9,EP, EU only Yes
Duplicating Function Double sided keys, Single sided key, Tubular keys Double sided keys, Single sided key, Tubular keys, Single external groove keys, Double external groove keys, Internal groove keys,
Key Code Function Yes Yes, but have detailed key code range and classification based on car brand list.
Progression Function Serial Number starting by EP, EB, EU, EA only Yes, and support to search bitting numbers of ignition lock based on those of door lock for HU162T (Vice Versa)
Create Key Profile Function Yes Yes
Cutting History Function Yes Yes
Favorite Function Yes Yes
Software Upgrade Way WIFI and USB WIFI and USB
Communication Way USB and Bluetooth for different versions USB and Bluetooth for different versions
Extra Function LED light LED light & 2 Tool boxes for putting decoders/cutters/calibration block/stopper
Launched Time 2014 2019
Warranty 1 year 2 years


All in one Alpha automatic key cutting machine: €2,799.00 free shipping

Source: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/alpha-automatic-key-cutting-machine.html

2019 Android version SEC-E9 tablet automated jet cutting machine: €1,995.00 free shipping (was €2,210.00)

Source: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/alpha-automatic-key-cutting-machine.html

In conclusion:

1.Screen: SEC-E9> Alpha

SEC-E9 has more choices, you can buy anyone from the three types.

2.Main Jaw: Alpha> SEC-E9

Alpha has 4-way jaw to not only support double standard keys and laser keys SEC-E9 contains, but also support special car keys ans dimple keys.

3.Optional House Jaw: SEC-E9> Alpha

SEC-E9 supports dimple key jaw while Alpha cannot.

4.Optional Car Jaw: SEC-E9> Alpha

SEC-E9 are available with HU66,HU64, VA2, TOY2, BW9, SIP22, HU162T, FO21, LDV, but Alpha only supports FO21.

5.Accuracy: Alpha> SEC-E9

6.Duplicating Function: Alpha> SEC-E9

Alpha can support single external groove keys, Double external groove keys, Internal groove keys while SEC-E9 cannot.

7.Key Code Function: SEC-E9> Alpha

Alpha has this function as same as SEC-E9, but have detailed key code range and classification based on car brand list.

8.Progression Function: Alpha> SEC-E9

Serial Number starting by EP, EB, EU, EA only by SEC-E9

9.Warranty: Alpha> SEC-E9

10.Best price: SEC-E9>Alpha

If you want to buy a cheaper key cutting machine, you can choose SEC-E9, if not, buy the one based on your need.

Good luck!

2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine Review

2M2 Magic Tank automatic car key cutting machine can be used for European, American, Japanese and Korean vehicles via Bluetooth on Android phone without battery. Here collected test reports on FIAT/ OPEAL/ CHEVROLET/ FORD and LAND ROVER.


2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine review:

2M2 Magic Tank cut FIAT GT15: Success!

2M2 Magic Tank cut Opel/ Chevrolet HU100: Success!

2M2 Magic Tank cut Ford/ Land Rover HU101: Success!


2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine and FIAT GT15

2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine and Opel/ Chevrolet HU100

2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine and Ford/ Land Rover HU101


Xhorse Condor XC-009 Key Cutting Machine Use Guide


How to use Xhorse Condor XC-009 mechanical key cutting machine?

Xhorse prepares a piece of Condor XC-009 user manual, and make some videos on how to use it.

Here we go.


Condor XC-009 user manual



Condor XC-009 showed in the 5.18 Locksmiths Exhibition


Condor XC-009 First impression


More to be continued……


Let’s have an overview of Xhorse Condor XC-009 Key Cutting Machine features:

Small volume, light weight, easy to carry

Super Long Endurance Ability
Build-in six 63W.h(2500mA.h)battery cut 60~100 keys continuously

High Precision
With adaptable guide equipment, guarantee high cut precision

Solid & Durable
Aluminum structure, processed by DMG precise machine which is imported from Germany

Wide Applicability
Equipped with 4-side clamp, flexible exchange among 4-side.Different sides for different feature keys, cut kinds of special keys, wide applicability

Humanized Design
Battery value remind function hidden hand wheel, big clamp space, cut the big plastic cover keys that don’t need to tear down, streamline handrail design, comfortable operation experience

Safe &Low Noise
Emergency switch is able to turn off the power in emergency and start the machine while it’s safe. Low noise DC brushless motor

Support Service
One year warranty, lifelong technical support for free, professional online service provides remote instruction and assistance

It can cut all kinds of flat cylinder keys for most bikes, cars & door locks.

In one single charge, XC-009 can cut up to 60-100 keys.

SEC-E9 enter Toyota TOY43 key data

It’s a tutorial aimed to help enter Toyota TOY43 key data using SEC-E9 key cutting machine.

Toyota TOY43 key

There are two ways to enter key data with a SEC-E9 machine

1: select the car manufacturer, brand and year

Tab “Automobile” on the main interface and select “Toyota, Camry, 2006-[10]” to enter key data

sec-e9-toyota-toy43-2 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-1

2: input the key blank number

Tab “Search”, input “T-O-Y-4-3” and select “slica, Toy43 (903) [10]” to enter key data

sec-e9-toyota-toy43-6 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-3 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-4 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-5


Tab “Info” to see the key is aligned by Tip, usually unnecessary to use the stopper when fix trhe key

sec-e9-toyota-toy43-8 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-7


Tech support from: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/wholesale/locksmith-amp-key-cut-tool/

How to Solve SEC-E9 Bluetooth Disconnection or Drop

SEC-E9 is a powerful Key Cutting Machine based on its Bluetooth connection. Once the Bluetooth disconnection, the machine won’t work properly. This post will express the situation why Bluetooth disconnect and how to solve this problem.


There are two reasons why fail to connect Bluetooth:

1) Incorrect boot sequence

2) Bluetooth module is dropped by interference


Now, solution will be given one by one.

  1. Incorrect boot sequence

The correct boot steps:

A) Connect the power switch with power supply (Input Voltage is DC 100-240V).

B) Clockwise twisting switch to turn on the machine, and then long press the switch of tablet till logo appears.

C) Please wait seconds, SEC-E9 will go to main page automatically.

D) Once you see the main page of SEC-E9 in tablet, it means the tablet and the machine get in touch with each other successfully.


Here is the guide how to reboot SEC-E9 when something happens:

A) Press “Shutdown” button on the main page.

B) Press the power switch to turn off the machine.

C) Please wait for 2 minutes and then strictly follow in boot steps to do.


Attach a video to show how to turn on and turn off SEC-E9:


  1. Bluetooth module is dropped by interference


Firstly follow the correct steps to turn on SEC-E9. Please check the area in below picture, if it light blue means that Bluetooth module operates normally, it will automatically match and take tens of seconds, please be patient and don’t touch any button on the screen.



If the Bluetooth disconnects, please find the Bluetooth serial number by clicking the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner, and click “remove device “and “Pair” again. Enter password “8888” and click “next”. If you can enter the main page successfully, that means the Bluetooth setting is completed successfully.


Last but not least, if you follow the correct boot way above, but the blue light is not light in that area, please contact with the support team which will guide you online how to deal with it.


Using and Repair Tips to Care Your SEC-E9 Cutting Machine

SEC-E9 is a useful automatic key cutting machine which is popular among locksmiths. And this post is a user guide on how to keep your SEC-E9 in a good condition for a longer time.


SEC-E9 using and repair tips to care your key cutting machine:

The Power Supply

SEC-E9 can only operate normally under DC24V/5A, if the supply voltage is more than DC24V, the unit may be damaged due to overvoltage; at low voltage, it will cause reduced motor output, resulting in an incorrect positioning of the movement and insufficient cutting efforts.


The Cutter

Please change the cutter regularly, and be sure to use Kukai original cutter. This is very important.


Key Blanks

Before cutting a key, please do check whether the key blank is standard. If the key blank itself is flawed, it may not able to achieve the desired results.


Correct Cutting Speed

The material of the key blanks affects the cutter’s cutting performance. Please choose the cutting speed according to the key blank hardness, this helps you keep the lifetime of the cutter.


Working Environment

Do not expose the tablet to sunlight. Once the tablet is exposed to the sun for too long, the temperature will increase and the lamp in the screen will be aging accelerated, this will greatly reduce the useful life of your tablet, and the tablet may even be exploded. Please don’t beat or pound the machine, don’t place the machine in rain or snow, either.



In order to extend the service life of E9 meanwhile maintain the accuracy of the machine, you should always do a good job of cleaning, just removing the debris above the decoder, the cutter, the clamps and the debris tray when every key blank side has done.


Regular Checking

We suggest to check the performance status of the machine every month and to clean the machine deeply. Always check the fasterning parts – screws and nuts, whether loose or not.


Correct Repair Operation

When the machine can’t be calibrated or cutting a key is not accurate, please contact the after-sales staff to replace the damaged parts or help you adjust incorrect positioning parts timely

You must conduct repair work under the guidance of our support team, you can’t disassemble the machine privately. Please do remember to unplug the power plug when you doing the maintenance.

Where to get SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine: