How to program 2008 Ford Transit key easily by OBDSTAR F100?

Here share you an easy way: Add new 2008 Ford Transit Tibbe key with remote using OBDSTAR F100 Ford Mazda Key Programmer! Operating steps and pictures as below:


Step 1: OBDSTAR F100 program Ford Transit 2008 Tibbe key 

First insert the new Ford Transit Tibbe key and turn car ignition on. The immobilizer light will blink since the key is not programmed now.

obdstar-f100-program-ford-transit-2008-key-guide-2 obdstar-f100-program-ford-transit-2008-key-guide-3

Connect OBDSTAR F100 with Ford Transit via the OBD2 port.

Go to “Function” on main menu.


Choose “Immobilizer” function.


Select “Ford/Lincoln”, open latest “Ford/Lincoln V30.04” software.

obdstar-f100-program-ford-transit-2008-key-guide-6 obdstar-f100-program-ford-transit-2008-key-guide-7

Step 2: OBDSTAR F100 program Ford Transit 2008 Tibbe key 

Choose “Ford” and you can see there are two Ford options available: “China Ford” and “USA Ford”.


For Ford vehicles sales in China and Europe, you choose “China Ford”.

Then go to “Immobilizer” and select car model “Transit”.


It will remind you to turn on ignition, press ENT button to continue.

It will remind you this key programming action will not erase key. So you still can use old key after programming new one.


Step 3: OBDSTAR F100 program Ford Transit 2008 Tibbe key

Choose “Program keys” to start!


Wait a minute and you will see message show “Program success”.


Now you successfully use OBDSTAR F100 Ford/Mazda Auto Key Programmer to program a new Ford Transit remote Tibbe key!

New key is tested OK to start car without blinking immobilizer light!