OBDSTAR F108 read pin by accessing to CAN lines, then cable pin out?

User feedback OBDSTAR F108 won’t read pin on Berlingo only Berlingo 2, so before your planning to own one F108, download TDB007 manual it tells you which models work via obd and which ones you would have to tap into the ecu wiring to get access to the CAN lines.

Then anybody got the pin out for these cables?

F108 cables

Answer: CAN H(pin 6) and CAN L(pin 14), Below is a sample how to connect(for example Peugeot 307 non CAN with Bosch EDC15C2). Red to green(CAN H) and Black to Grey(CAN L)

So really just need to be bothered to look at the pinout of all PSA ecu’s and get the colours of wires for CAN lines.

f108 pinout


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