SEC-E9 vs Condor XC-mini vs Automatic V8/X6 vs Slica Key cutting machine

As for automotive key cutting machines, which one is the best choice for locksmiths? SEC-E9 or Condor XC-mini or Automatic V8/X6 or Slica key cutter? Key cutting machine UOBD2…Here you go.

Part 1: SEC-E9 key cutting machine vs. iKeycutter Condor XC-mini


Q: Can the SEC-E9 machine cut household keys?

A: definitely yes!

Q: Condor mini cannot support the moto key; SEC-E9 support that?

A: Yes, SEC-E9 can cut motorbike keys without issues

Q: What’s the different between Condor key cutting machine and SEC-E9?

A: SEC-E9 can cut motorcycle keys and household keys that Condor cannot support.

Attachment: Full comparison of Condor mini and SEC-E9

Item  Condor XC-Mini SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine
Price €2690 €2570
Category  Automotive  Automotive
Weight  21.0KG Portable  24KG Portable
Touch Screen  7 inch  8 inch
Multi-language Portuguese/Spanish/





(Provide S/N to change/activate language)

English, Spanish,French,


Korean,Portuguese,Russian, Turkish, Czech

(Free to change language within machine)

Operating system Windows 7 (when update) Windows 8 Tablet PC
Support Key Type Car keys, motorcycles keys Car keys, motorcycles keys,truck keys, household keys, punch keys, tubular keys
Database Built-in database Built-in database
Update Online update Online update
Key Clamps 2 clamps, M1 & M2 in default Compatible with 10 clamps, some in default and some need

purchase (see pic. attachment)

Warranty 3 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty



**** CONLUSION ****

SEC-E9 machine wins in price and key types!!



Part 2: Automated V8/X6 key cutting machine vs. Slica car Key cutter


Here are some differences between original Automated V8/X6 key cutting machine and Slica car Key cutting machine.


1- Optional version
Automated V8/X6 has two versions (basic version: V8; full version: X6)

Slica doesn’t have optional versions to choose
2- Competitive price
V8/X6 key cutting machine price ($1,159.00) is kind of cheaper, only 90% of Slica brand, while the function is much better than slica’s.

3- Convenient to work outside
Most key cutting machines need to work with power adapter. Then they will have the area usage limitation; most only can work in door.  X6 key cutter with light weight and portable, battery-powered DC electrical impulse, which is very suitable to go out to work. You can use it work in your car.

4- Wide potential market
Latest X6 version can work on many new and different keys for different cars in the market. Can meet the various needs for key cutting of different customers from worldwide.

5- Powerful function
1) X6 key cutting machine supports making new key without original keys:

*** 3 situations to use Automated X6 ***

*** when you have the original key and make a new key:
When you start this machine, you will see the menu, just follow the menu prompt to enter the number to read key teeth step by step. Then you will get the new key
*** when you lost all keys.
When you lost all original keys, enter the appropriate number of head lock, then follow the menu prompt to make new key.

*** when mainly used have the key with keyless lost data with the key.

2) X6 does both external milling and vertical milling.

3) X6 makes almost all kinds of keys with only one machine!


**** CONLUSION ****

Automatic V8/X6 key cutting machine performs much better than Slica car key cutter. As X6 definitely is one of the best cornerstones of the locksmith trade. When you purchase a high-level machine you are either increasing your efficiency by being able to cut a higher volume of keys and/or cut keys faster; or you are increasing your market by being able to cut a new type of key.


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