Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine Screen Menu Display

Newest Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine is compatible with a variety of key database,it can do large variety of car brands from worldwide.It is available for Wholesale or Retail,which will be a perfect choice for repair person.

1. It an be used with the key keyless condition, lightweight and portable, battery-powered DC electrical impulse is very suitable to go out to work.
2. Mainly used have the key with keyless lost data with the key. When there is a key, simply follow the steps to enter the number or read key teeth tooth number, you can make a new key. When a key is lost, just follow the prompts, enter the appropriate number of head lock, you can make a new key.
3. It is also can according your requirement ,through the intelligent choice to make key tooth depth. Easy to use, suitable for a variety of automotive lock key.
4. USB cable data transfer, compatible with a variety of key database
5. Quick change guide pin and cutter
6. Modular design, easy maintenance (Quick Change Module)

Here we will display some steps about how to set X6 key cutting machine



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