OBDSTAR F108+ PSA pin code reader & key programmer for kline / canbus Questions and Answers

About OBDSTAR F108+ PSA pin code reader & key programmer, there mainly 3 frequently asked questions answers. Go on reading for details.


  1. Has anyone managed all keys lost with this tool?
  2. If all key lost, you need to get pin code from car service center and program auto key with F108.

Eeprom adapter can read partial pin code for Peugeot/Citroen/DS

Q: Has anybody read a pin by direct connection to ECU?

A: Yes, F108 reads the pin with ecu, also from BSI; it depends on the car models.

Q: was it the ad one or this one?

Should be easy enough to rig a couple of cables for can and kline

A: F108 usually supports vehicles (with CAN line) after 2008.

Now OBDSTAR F108+ is f108 upgrade and with both k-line for older cars and canbus for new cars after 2008.

Q: it s safe to read pin with this tool? need a charger batery when read pin code

i sow a video it s need ignition on-off and after 5-10 minutes it s code pin

A: yes its safe, I have extracted pin from over 20 cars, all fine.Not necessary to connect charger to car as it doesn’t put Bsi in service mode like psa bsi tool, or avdi where windscreen wipers would activate etc. About the time of reading pin code, it depends on car type, such as its immo chip, algorithm, on average 5 to 8 minutes, although a 508 and a 2008 I did it found code almost instantaneously.

Now F108+ is the f108 upgrade but with both k line for older cars and canbus for newer car.

Just added a few components on main card

Obdstar tools are good but too many new products

F108 works well for pin extraction on CAN cars.


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