Only 1 minute to add Mitsubishi Pajero new key by SKP900

This blog is going to tell you SKP-900 Key Programmer can add new key for Mitsubishi Pajero in just one minute! It’s amazing and please read down below steps.

Step1. Start SKP-900 SKP900 then choose “Immobilizer”→ “Mitsubishi”

skp900-program-Mitsubishi-Pajero-new-key-1 skp900-program-Mitsubishi-Pajero-new-key-2

Step2. Choose “System Type” and “Type 1” and “IMMO System”. Next is to turn on the ignition.


Step3. Choose “Key Adapt” and input the authorize code.

skp900-program-Mitsubishi-Pajero-new-key-4 skp900-program-Mitsubishi-Pajero-new-key-5

It will show “Key Program Success”. Press YES button and insert the new key in 5 seconds then turn ignition on.

skp900-program-Mitsubishi-Pajero-new-key-6 skp900-program-Mitsubishi-Pajero-new-key-7


And SuperOBD SKP900 now make new key for Mitsubishi Pajero successfully in 1 minute!