Program TOYOTA Smart Key using SKP900 key programmer

Powerful hand-held OBD2 SKP-900 Auto Key Programmer has been released on Today I successfully using SKP900 key programmer to program smart key for TOYOTA.  Here is the step by step guidance

Equipment needed: SuperOBD SKP-900

TOYOTA dashboard status:

SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-01

The smart key can’t work

SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-02

Let’s go to the detail procedures:

First of all, connect SKP900 to the car, enter [SYSTEM SELECTION] option and click [KEYLESS SYSTEM]

SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-03

It pops out [CHOOSE OBDII ADAPTER TURN IGN ON], press [Engine START STOP] of

button the car and press [YES] to continue..

SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-04 SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-05

Then choose [ADD KEYLESS] and wait

SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-06

Put a registered keyless in the key coil for a while (picture shown below) and Press [Yes]

SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-07 SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-08

It is programming now, wait until programming finish and press [NO] to go back to main interface of SKP-900

SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-09

Well done! The smart key is working.

SuperOBD- SKP-900-program-Smart-Key-TOYOTA-10

Toyota and Honda  are both Japanese car,if you want to know SKP-900 programe for Honda CRV Key,pls read below article:

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