CN900 MINI copy Mitsubishi Lancer ID46 key success case

In this blog we are going to copy 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer ID46 key using CN900 MINI key programmer! (It’s also OK to use ND900 MINI) 


CN900 MINI clone ID46 key Mitsubishi Lancer easy steps

First, put the original working key into CN900 MINI transponder area, the coil as below, and click “READ&COPY” icon.


CN900 MINI read the original ID46 key data P1, P2, P3:


To read complete key data, so follow the instruction:

Insert the original key into ignition switch, put CN900 MINI’s antenna close to the switch then turn ignition on and off for 5 times.

cn900-mini-copy-mitsubishi-lancer-id46-key-guide-4 cn900-mini-copy-mitsubishi-lancer-id46-key-guide-5

And read key data for totally 5 times. After that, CN900 MINI read full ID46 key data.


Put the new ID46 key into CN900 MINI coil and click “COPY” button.


Now CN900 MINI clone Mitsubishi Lancer ID46 key OK! New key start car successfully!

cn900-mini-copy-mitsubishi-lancer-id46-key-guide-8 cn900-mini-copy-mitsubishi-lancer-id46-key-guide-9