Read Jeep Grand Cherokee pin code SKP900 or OBDSTAR F104?

Which tool to read Jeep Grand Cherokee pin code? Choose SKP900 Key Programmer or OBDSTAR F104 Chrysler Jeep & Dodge? Check below to decide!

In fact, SKP900 and OBDSTAR F104 both are OK to read Grand Cherokee pin code.

Let’s look at SKP900 read 2011 Grand Cherokee pin code steps here:

Connect SKP900 with car and power on the device.

Go to IMMOBILIZER and select JEEP.

skp900-key-programmer-read-jeep-grand-cherokee-pin-code-steps-1 skp900-key-programmer-read-jeep-grand-cherokee-pin-code-steps-2

Select GRAND CHEROKEE then since car year is 2011, choose IMMOBILIZER 2.


After loading data, enter IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM.


Turn car ignition on.

Choose PINCODE READ function.


And just wait a while, SuperOBD SKP900 read this 2011 Grand Cherokee pin code OK!


Compare with SKP900’s wide vehicle coverage, OBDSTAR F104 is concentrate on professional Chrysler Jeep & Dodge pin code and key programming!

Compare with SKP900’s unit, OBDSTAR F104 is smaller, lighter and easier to carry and use!

No need token or add token!

And OBDSTAR F104 is cheaper now $209 free shipping!


Note: Some feedbacks show it may not read pin for old Grand Cherokee 2000 before.

Anyway, choose any of tools according to your own need.

Hope this blog helps!