How to copy BMW F800GS Motorcycle ID46 key by CN900 MINI?

This blog will show you how easily to copy/clone a BMW F800GS Motorcycle ID46 key by using CN900 MINI Key Programmer? It’s a cheaper solution for 4C 46 4D 48 G Chips than Handy Baby!

This is a BMW F800 GS blue, cool!


It comes with only one original key.


This is the new duplicated key needs to be programmed.


Guide: MINI CN900 clone PCF7936 ID46 key for BMW F800 GS 

Step 1: Put the original key into CN900 MINI transponder area, the coil as below, and click “READ&COPY” button.


It read the key ID.


Step 2: Follow this instruction to decode the old key.


Insert the old key into ignition switch, put the CN900 MINI antenna close to the key and switch then turn ignition on and off.


It needs totally 5 times to collect data.

cn900-mini-clone-bmw-f800-gs-motorcycle-46-key-8 cn900-mini-clone-bmw-f800-gs-motorcycle-46-key-9

Step 3: After that, CN900 MINI decode BMW F800GS ID46 key successfully! Now it shows full key data.


Put the new key into the coil and click “COPY” button.


CN900 MINI successfully clones a new PCF7936 ID46 key for BMW F800 GS!

cn900-mini-clone-bmw-f800-gs-motorcycle-46-key-12 cn900-mini-clone-bmw-f800-gs-motorcycle-46-key-13

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