Yanhua ACDP Keys Programming for Land Rover KVM 2014-2018

Land Rover KVM (MC9S12XEQ384 112Pin) IMMO has solution now ,it is Yanhua Mini ACDP plus one mobile phone or a PC.


Device and module to use:

  1. Yanhua Mini ACDPwith OBP+ ICP adapter, BDM adapter.


Image source


  1. Land Rover KVM module and authorization


  1. One mobile phone or a PC

IOS system

1) System Version: 9.0 or more

2) Cell phone Models: iphone6 or more

3) Running Memory RAM:> 2G

4) Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G 3)


Android System:

1) System Version: 5.0 or more

2) Running Memory RAM:> 2G

3) Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G

  1. Bluetooth and WIFI


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How to use Yanhua ACDP program key for Land Rover KVM (MC9S12XEQ384 112Pin)

Follow the guide to connect Yanhua ACDP basic module and Land Rover KVM module.

Wait the indicator turn red then green.



Pay attention the pin connection.



Click on “LandRover” option.

mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-01

 Click on ” KVM (MC9S12XEQ384 112Pin)”.

mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-02

 Click on “IMMO”.

mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-03

 Come to the main menu:





mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-04 mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-05 mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-06 mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-07 mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-08


What can Yanhua Mini ACDP do on KVM (MC9S12XEQ384 112Pin) IMMO:

Add key auto mode

Add key single step mode

Delete key

Disable key

Enable key

Detect key

Read / Write EEPROM /DPFLASH data

Read / Write PFLASH data

KVM module unlock

KVM module lock

Open HEX Editor

mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-09 mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-10 mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-11 mini-acdp-land-rover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-112pin- functions-list-12

 Here a Youtube Video on KVM MC9S12XEQ384_3M25J key programming procedure:



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