Using Tips for Yanhua Mini ACDP APP

As the Yanhua Mini ACDP released their own APP, many users have tried to install the ACDP APP on their phones. And there are some notes for you when installation after we collected the feedback of our users.


Install the ACDP from APP Store:

Both IOS and Android system could download ACDP APP through the code above.


  1. Fail to install with a note ”Untrusted Enterprise Developer”

Solution: you should do the trusting step before install. Find Setting -> General -> Manage Device -> choose Nanning yanhua. Only when trusting the APP, can the phone begin to install it.


  1. Fail to download

ACDP Fail to download base resources with a note below, after tap Yes, ACDP still continues to download but fail again.


  1. WIFI, check the network
  2. ACDP don’t support background download, keep the APP downloading
  3. ACDP won’t download when hibernation mode, keep the screen on.


Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programmer now is available in €209