Mart Tool,Lonsdor,Yanhua ACDP,Which is The Best for JLR Key Prog

Jaguar Land Rover IMMO programming 3 options: Mart tool, Lonsdor JLR IMMO key programmer, Yanhua ACDP + Module9 Jaguar LandRover Key Programming.


  1. Mart Tool Key Programmer for Land Rover and Jaguar 2015-2018 KVM Keys with Number FK72 HPLA.


Mart tool functions:

Mart Tool is designed to add new keys and program new keys when all keys lost for Landrover and Jaguar KVM keys with Number FK72 HPLA.


How to use Mart tool?

Firstly You need to use other devices (like VVDI Prog) to read out the D-Flash and EEE data in the KVM, then use Mart tool to generate new key and data, finally write back to KVM.


Mart Tool Range Rover FK72 All Key Lost Programming


Mart tool free download and install:

Mart Tool Software Free Download:!GwVxiKrb!w35DkiwRaDmMN1E0CYQsUVRXNxTsmUrLjtm5QIFWUJA


Installation tips:

  1. Connect Mart Tool to laptop and install driver well;
    2. When you first use this device, it will ask for registration, just click yes to continue. After registration, device will bind to your laptop and can’t change to work on other laptops. Please make sure your laptop connects to internet and close anti-virus software;
    3. If your laptop damaged and have to change another one, please give us device serial number for second registration;
    4. If you have “Network Error” after install the software, please download the Mart Tool Clientand run, it will be solved.


  1. Lonsdor JLR IMMO Key Programmer by OBD Add KVM and BCMupdate online




Lonsdor JLR IMMO Key Programmer functions:

  1. Program car keys for above 95% of Jaguar and Land Rover models(VPW protocols of Jaguar’s old model is unsupported).
    2. Can support key programmer by OBD for newest Jaguar and Land Rover after year 2016, part of Land Rover can support to year 2018
    3. Support more than 50 software versions for KVM, most of KVM no need soldering, can be programmed via OBD directly


Lonsdor JLR IMMO Key Programmer car list:

  1. LandRover 2008-: Immobilizer and smart key
    2. LandRover Discovery3: Immobilizer
    3. LandRover Freelander: Immobilizer and smart key
    4. LandRover Freelander2: Immobilizer and smart key
    5. LandRover Discovery4: smart key
    6. LandRover Evoque: smart key
    7. LandRover Defender: remote
    8. LandRover new models  KVM case’s software version: FK72
    9. LandRover new models  KVM case’s software version: HPLA
    10. Jaguar XF: smart key
    11. Jaguar SJ: smart key
    12. Jaguar F-TYPE: smart key
    13. Jaguar X-TYPE: Immobilizer
    14. Jaguar Soverign: Immobilizer
    15. Jaguar XJ6: Immobilizer
    16. Jaguar XJ8: Immobilizer
    17. Jaguar XJR: Immobilizer
    18. Jaguar XK: remote
    19. Jaguar XKR: remote
    20. Jaguar new models  KVM case’s software version: FK72
    21. Jaguar new models  KVM case’s software version: HPLALonsdor JLR IMMO add KVM and BCM.
    KVM : FK72-14C104-BF
    BCM : BJ32-14C184-AC
    KVM : DPLA-14c104-CA (without reflash, working directly without degrade or upgrade)KVM:
    DPLA-14C104-C NEW
    FK72-14C104-BA NEW
    FK72-14C104-BB NEW
    FK72-14C104-BC NEW
    FK72-14C104-BD NEW
    FK72-14C104-BE NEW
    FK72-14C104-BF NEW
    BH42-14C184-AA NEW
    DPLA-14C184-AM NEW
    BJ32-14C184-AC NEW
    CPLA-14C184-AE NEW
    CPLA-14C184-AF NEW

lonsdor-jlr-immo-key-programmer-02 lonsdor-jlr-immo-key-programmer-03 lonsdor-jlr-immo-key-programmer-04 lonsdor-jlr-immo-key-programmer-05


Lonsdor JLR IMMO Key Programmer update:

Update on the official site:

Download the “update tool kit”. Then follow the instructions in the tool kit to update JLR_IMMO device program.


Before update, you need to register a member and active on the Lonsdor Server.

(1) Please enter the site:
① Login
Users with an account of a Lonsdor tool: input account, password and verification code to login.
Users without  a Lonsdor account: click on [Register] and follow prompt messages to complete registration, then log in.
② Device bound to an account
After login success, check system prompts when device boots. Input the device No. & registration code as per prompts, and set up a password for the device. Click on [Submit] to bind to the device.

(2) After bind device successfully, enter the site:
① Click on the JLR-IMMO button, click on [Get activation code], confirm that device No. shown on the webpage is consistent with actual device No. Click on [Submit] to get activation code.
② Input device No. on webpage to the device to activate it.


  1. Yanhua ACDP + Module9 Jaguar LandRover Key Programming

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module9 Land Rover Key Programming Support KVM from 2014-2018 Add Key & All Key Lost.

yanhua-acdp-on-landrover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-3m25j-08 yanhua-acdp-on-landrover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-3m25j-09 yanhua-acdp-on-landrover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-3m25j-10 yanhua-acdp-on-landrover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-3m25j-11 yanhua-acdp-on-landrover-kvm-mc9s12xeq384-3m25j-12


How to use Yanhua ACDP + Module9 Jaguar LandRover Key Programming?

1). Tools & adapters to use

  1. Yanhua ACDPbasic module with OBP + ICP adapter
  2. LandRover KVM module
  3. BDM adapter
  4. BAV key adapter

yanhua-mini-acdp-connect-land-rover-kvm-module-01 bav-key-adapter-02



2). Procedure:

in this post:

in Youtube:


In conclusion

All of the above JLR key programmers are reliable made by branded Company.

They differ from each other in:

1). Price

If only program JLR key: Mart tool < Lonsdor JLR key programmer< Yanhua ACDP Module 9


2). Operation

Mart tool: need to installation, need to work with other device i.e VVDI Pro .

Lonsdor JLR key programmer: Handheld with display screen, need no installation.

Yanhua ACDP Module 9: No need remove component or soldering.