OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus All Keys Lost Programming for Toyota 2016

This article show a guide on how to use OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus to perform all keys lost programming for Toyota 2016,It is tested 100% ok.


What you need?

OBDSTAR DP Plus (Any of A package or B package or C package is ok)

Which contains P001 programmer and the simulated card in Red  (applies to the vehicle with 88/A8 type of smart key)


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Main Procedures:


Make simulated card

Add Smart key

Erase smart key


Connect OBDSTAR DP Plus (OBDSTAR X300 PAD2)to the Toyota OBD port (Directly charge via the vehicle)


Press the “Start” button and you can see the yellow warning light flashes for 3 times (Means detecting no keys).

obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-01 obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-02


Enter into DP Plus function menu, tap “Toyota / Scion / Lexus”



Initializing MCU data


VCI is upgrading.. (VCI is built-in)



Initializing diagnostic data


* 5 seconds done… DP plus is running fast

Tap “Smart key system”



Tap “Type 5 (All smart keys lost)”



Tap “Read eeprom”.


Read in on-screen guide :

  1. This function can read (backup) vehicle EEPROM data;
  2. After read (backup) of vehicle eeprom data, the simulated card is generated with this data;
  3. Using simulated card attach start button to illuminate instrument, and instead of original car key to [Add smart keys].



Reading data…

Please reenter the file name to save.

obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-08 obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-09

This vehicle EEPROM data backup was successful. Please execute the [Make Simulated Card] function!



Tap “Make Simulated Card”.


This function can generate an simulated card with all keys lost.

Use this simulated card instead of the original car key to approach the start button and turn on the instrument, and perform the [Add Smart key] operation.

Make sure the simulated card is fully charged, otherwise the [Add Smart key] operation may fail.

obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-12 obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-13

This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the internet connection is normal.


Connecting to the server.

Connect P001 programmer to diagnostic tool.

obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-15 obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-16

Put NO.3 simulated card (Red) into P001 programmer.


Insert the battery and turn on the switch.

obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-18 obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-19

Put the simulated card (88/A8 type in Red) into P001 programmer.


Only one seconds later, get message:

Generating simulated card successfully.

Move the simulated card close to the start button and try to light the meter. If you can light up the meter normally, use the simulated card instead of the original car key for the [Add smart key] operation.

obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-21 obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-22 obdstar-dp-plus-programs-2016-toyota-smart-keys-all-lost-23


Go on [Add smart key] operation.


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