Jaguar Land Rover key programmer Mart tool using tips

Topic: Jaguar Land Rover key programmer Mart tool errors and solutions.

Mart tool device unregistered; Mart tool file link unavailable solution, solution to Mart Tool can’t read Jaguar RFA file with vvdipro, Mart Tool network error solution etc.



  1. Mart tool device unregistered, registered now?

mart tool-using-tip-01


  1. Connect Mart tool Device to the computer, install driver.
  2. For the first time you use Mart tool, open the software and get message “ device unregistered, registered now …” click on “yes” to register (it is bound to the computer after registration, cannot be used for other computers, the computer needs to be networked and the anti-virus software is turned off).


Error 2: Mart tool error “file link unavailable”.



Free download this file “mart_tool_2 encrypted 2018.9”!oQhgkABZ!712ziCtJEnmb4lJIyC_u-17-R1lGuUgpHiLt-WSvhv0


offered by the engineer working for

Error 3: Mart Tool can’t read Jaguar RFA file with vvdipro.
Pictures below.




You have to read it as secured and follow their other wiring diagram. You have to remove two resistors.

This solves most issues, Virus scanner of, run as admin, get at least 2 laptops, 32 and 64 bit.


Error 4: Mart Tool network error solution




Download the Mart tool client to solve it.!iIAQTIrI!YuALmyLPp9gT6QIYkxSFKRjrVLtzqwbiOqYDTOn6Sj0

And if you have more problems about Mart Tool,please contact us,our tech will give the solutions.

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