How to add keys to Ford Fiesta 4D83 80bit with VVDI Key Tool

VVDI Key tool and Ford Fiesta 4D83 80bit: Confirmed to copy keys!

Here you go.

Car: Ford Fiesta 2014

Chip: 4D83 80bit


Test: VVDI Keytool on Ford 83

Confirmed! VVDI key tool can copy Ford 83 chips:

First, put the original car key into the left coil of VVDI Keytool..start to read Ford 83 transponder data

Then, keep network available and press “calculate” to submit calculating data

The last, put VVDI special 4D transponder into the left coil of the Keytool… press “write” to complete cloning


VERY Important:

Ford 4D 63 40bits: no need to copy chips online

Ford 4D 83 80bits: MUST calculate chip data online


Result: VVDI Key Tool Programmer on Ford 83 – SUCCESS!