Yanhua Mini ACDP optional adapter + authorization + package list

Yanhua Mini ACDP IMMO +ODO programming master optional BWM and Fujitsu CPU MB91F adapter + authorization related info incl. functions, price, package list etc.


Part 1. Optional adapter + authorization functions and price

Item No. Adapter + authorization Functions Price (free shipping) Note
SK247 Programmer Built-in programmer 8pin IC chip and partial CPU read & write function. $249
SK247-1 Adapter 1 +Authorization BMW CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ CAS4 CAS4+ IMMO Key Programming and Odometer Reset $359 Not include the Programmer, for the new user please firstly buy the progframmer and then the adapter + authorization; For the old user, just buy the adapter + authorization.If you buy all (SK247 +SK247-1 to SK247-5), the price is 1479USD free shipping by DHL, anyway buy more you will save more.
SK247-2 Adapter 2 +Authorization BMW FEM/BDC IMMO Key Programming, Odometer Reset, Module Recovery, Data Backup and write $415
SK247-3 Adapter 3 +Authorization Read BMW DME ISN Code by OBD when all keys lost $249
SK247-4 Adapter 4 +Authorization BMW 35080, 35160DO WT EEPROM Read & Write $129
SK247-5 Adapter 5 +Authorization Fujitsu CPU MB91F Read & Write $109

Best source: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/yanhua-mini-acdp-programming-master.html


Yanhua Mini ACDP Nice features:

  1. Powerful but sales at cheap pricecompare the similar tools which can cover BMW CAS1-CAS4+, MSV80, FEM/BDC etc. Even you buy all it is less than $1500.
  2. No need to remove chip/ soldering/ cut the line / lift the pin
  3. With help file, please refer to the wiring diagram.


Part 2.All adapters package list.

1) ACDP programming master configuration list


Adapter name



ACDP Programmer

ACDP Programmer-01


OBP+ICP adapter

OBP+ICP adapter-02


Puncture socket

Puncture socket -03


P8P ribbon cable



8Pin cable



20P cable

20P cable-06


P CAN cable set

P CAN cable-07


12V power adapter

12V power adapter-08


3pcs of paint surface cleaning needles (1.0mm,0.8mm,0.5mm)


2) CAS1-CAS4+ Configuration list

ACDP CAS1-CAS4+ Configuration list
No Adapters Image
1 BAV-KEY adapter  bav-key-01
2 BDM01 adapter  BDM01 adapter-02
3 BMW-CAS3 board  BMW cas3 board-03
4 BMW-CAS4 board  bmw cas4 board-04
5 BMW CAS2/3/4 board  BMW CAS2 3 4 board-05
6 CAS3 firmware package  CAS3 firmware package-05


3) FEM BDM Configuration list

No Adapter name
1 FEM bridge  FEM bridge-01
2 BDC bridge  BDC bridge-02
3 Desktop OBD transfer board  BMW FEMBDC test platform-04
4 BMW FEM/BDC test platform  BMW FEMBDC test platform-04
5 Single-pin double-head cable  Single-pin double-head cable-05
6 FEM bridge firmware package  FEM bridge firmware package-07
7 BDC bridge firmware package FEM bridge firmware package-07


4) DME ISN configuration list

ACDP module 3 DME ISN configuration list
No Adapter name Image
1 BMW-N13 port board  BMW-N13 port board-01
2 N20 caliper for opening the hole of shell  n20 shell hole depth 1mm positioning caliper-02
3 N13 firmware package of interface board  N13 firmware package of interface board-03

5) BMW 35080, 35160DO WT EEPROM Read & Write package list

Coming soon


6) Fujitsu CPU MB91F Read & Write package list

Coming soon


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