Xhorse Condor XC002, Condor XC-MINI & XC007, which cuter machine recommend?

With the newly released Xhorse Condor XC002 Mechanical Key Cutting Machine, Xhorse users ask how to choose best Xhorse cuter machines among Condor XC002, Condor XC-MINI and condor XC007? Which one is better? What are the similarities and differences? Here a Condor XC002, Condor XC-MINI & XC007 comparison table.


Xhorse Condor cutting machines Condor XC002 Condor XC-MINI Condor XC 007
Quality Made by Xhorse Made by Xhorse Made by Xhorse
Automatically/ Mechanically Mechanically/Manually  Automatically Automatically
Lost key  Not support Support Support
Touch screen  No screen 7″ Capacitive Large screen
Cut car key Yes Yes Yes
Cut house key  Can cut a small part of house key No No
Internal software NO Yes Yes
Language It is mechanical, no specific language Portuguese/Spanish/French/Germany/



English/Chinese (English is the default language, after receive the machiche, send SN to seller for reset other language)

English, Chinese
Stand-alone Yes, no need connect to computer Yes, no need connect to computer Yes, no need connect to computer
Input Voltage 220VAC 90V–264VAC AC110V/220V
Input Frequency 50Hz 47~63Hz 47~63Hz
Consume 200W 200W 220W
Packing Dimensions L595*W550*H375mm L450*W450*H350mm L460*W 520*H 620mm
Machine Dimensions L298*W445*H525mm L265*W362*H301mm L336*W 407*H490mm
Display 1024*600 800*480
Spindle Speeds 8000-10000rpm 9000rpm 12,000 rpm
Working Temperature 0~50℃ 0~50℃ 0~50℃
Humidity 10~90% 10~90% 10~90%
Net Weight 23Kg 18Kg 31Kg
Gross Weight 28Kg 22.9Kg 35Kg
Price $779 + shipping cost $2,799 free shipping $2,970 free shipping
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years

In conclusion

  1. Condor XC007 Master, the first automaticallykey cuter machine from Xhorse Company, is bigger than xc 007 mini. It is not good if you want working on the van, xc007 mini is good if you want use this on the mobile locksmith on the van, both machines can cut the same tape of key.

Condor XC002 [/size] manual key cutting machine works mechanically.


  1. Input Voltage:

Condor XC002 input voltage: 220VAC;

XC-MINI input voltage: 90V–264VAC;

Condor XC 007 input voltage: 110V/220VAC


  1. Weight: condor xc-007 master series > condor xc-002 > mini condor (lightest)


  1. Warranty: all Xhorse Condor cutting machinesare 3 years warranty


  1. Cut car key / house key: Condor XC002can cut car keys as well as a small part of house keys; Condor XC007 Master and xc 007 mini can only cut car keys.


  1. Language:  Condor XC-MINIis Multilanguage

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