Xhorse CONDOR XC-MINI PLUS II duplicate RB Locks Dimple Key

Xhorse CONDOR XC-MINI PLUS II Household key cutiing tutorials:Duplicate RB Locks Dimple Key

Easy steps:

Original RB locks Dimple key

Blank key


Step1: Set parameter

Tap Settings>> Cutting Setting>> Probe and cutter diameter setting

Set probe diameter to 1.0mm

Set dimple- cutter to Dimple cutter (Both)

Click ‘Save’


Step 2: Insert the probe and the cutter


Step 3: Learn key

Go to the main menu

Tap Household>> All regions>> RB Locks>> Dimple key with sided internal dimple>> Dimple key with sided internal dimple2

Select ‘Dimple (internal) (Front)’

Insert the original key

Then tap ‘Decode key’

The key (front) learning is done, then select ‘Dimple (external) (Front)’ to decode

Key learning is successful.


Step 4: Cut key

Put the blank key on the XC Mini Plus II key cutting machine

Tap Dimple (internal) (Front)>> Start cutting>> OK

Flip the key to cut again

After cutting the Dimple (internal) (Front) successfully, go to cut Dimple (external) (Front).

Cutting key completed

Finally, insert the key has cut into the cylinder to test.

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