VW Amarok Odometer Correction 2711 check fail by OBDSTAR X300 DP

Several days ago,one of obdstar tool customers sent e-mail to ask how to correct odometer for VW Odometer.And he get into trouble of “2711 check fail!” when correcting odometer for VW Amarok by OBDSTAR X300 DP .


I tried doing mileage adjustment on the VW Amarok, however it gives me the error as in the picture

Solution:VW Amarok Odometer Correction 2711 check fail

Here obdstartool engineers share the method to solve this problem.


If you ever wonder, to adjust the VW Amarok Odo, you need to choose Golf, NEC+24C64, then VDO-12 and it will complete change.

OBDSTAR Tech Advice:

For VW mileage correction, engineer said it depends on cluster model more than the car model

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