Tested OBDSTAR X300 RPO3 change 2008 VOLVO S80 mileage OK

Recently uobdii.com engineers tested OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 is OK to adjust mileage for 2008 VOLVO S80! Below part will show you a how-to guide with detailed steps.

2008 VOLVO S80 show old original odometer value as 73522. We want to change the mileage to


Connect X300 PRO3 with car via OBD. Choose VEHICLES then MILEAGE ADJUSTMENT function.

obdstar-x300-pro3-change-volvo-s80-mileage-2 obdstar-x300-pro3-change-volvo-s80-mileage-3

Choose OTHER MODELS and select the newest software version OTHER MODELS V30.51.


Choose VOLVO, S80 and 07- option.

obdstar-x300-pro3-change-volvo-s80-mileage-6 obdstar-x300-pro3-change-volvo-s80-mileage-7

Go to Mileage Adjustment.


Follow the tips to turn car ignition on then off.

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 KEY MASTER starts to read car mileage. It may cost a while so please be patient.


After that input the name of this mileage file to save:


Now you can enter a new odometer value, for example 70102.


Volvo S80 new mileage change OK by OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 KEY MASTER! In this case it costs about 3 minutes to success!

obdstar-x300-pro3-change-volvo-s80-mileage-12 obdstar-x300-pro3-change-volvo-s80-mileage-13


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