VVDI Keytool user can buy Clone 48 96bit since 1.04.2018

VVDI Keytool 96 bit ID48 cloning system global released!
VVDI Key tool user can buy a Clone 48 96bit since 1.04.2018
1500 free points for calculations , this same as VVDI2


since 1.04.2018 all users who have 48 96 bit activations in VVDI2 can combinate Keytool + VVDI2 and use Keytool to clone 48 as well.


Cloning needs:

Ordinary ID48 chip without OBDII

Activation Free $250 (Additional gift 1500 bonus points. Cloning costs 100 bonus points each time


  • Bonus points can be accumulated by using VVDI Remote
  • You can buy Calculation tokens as well, price for token is $8.



Be free to contact email at: Sales@UOBDII.com