Turbo Decoder and Lishi Auto Pick which is better choice?

I am looking for something to pick/decode good quality. They are so many Lishi tools or turbo decoders. I do not know what to choose.

Turbo Decoder 1

Locksmith suggestions:

1. Lishi auto pick and decoder 2-in-1 never failed me.

Turbo decoder is something like a collectible sweet candy for me, perfect tool to make “jobs what need to being fast”, but in a locksmith case time does not matter and from it’s price you can get 10 Lishi….

Lishi have some picks what can not just push but pull back the levers, its very helpful if a spring just broke inside and the wafer falls down or you push it over and dirt keep it there.

2.If it was me i’d go for Lishi. Turbo Decoder is nice.. but why would spent 10x times bigger if the cheaper one can do the same job effectively as the one that cost more? If the purpose is to make a living, Lishi is sufficient. If you’re looking for a collectible items..then go for Turbo.

3.Learn how to use lishi, more reliable and fraction of the cost

4.I choose Lishi tool. Have seen 4 broken Turbo type HU101 tools in locks by different users too also decodes seem a little out .

Lishi is the way to go cheap enough and great range .

5.I would by turbo decoders if there were not so much i have used them like them more than lishi but lishi is better in the long run on your pocket and saving you form having to run an keycode

6.Most lishi work well. The most useful lishi I have is the Lishi hu66 decoder. this will get a direct read from the ignition.

7.You can detect dirt, rust, broken springs, bend shims, claugtgrease, better with the lishi. Not with the turbo decoder.
So poking and probing it first with a lishi may preserve the expensive turbo decoder,


8.Turbo can decode faster, but you need a lot of practice to learn to feel it. It is not some automatic senseless tool. Working with it is not much different than with lishi. But it can be faster and much easier to use. Much easier to decode the key positions too.

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