How to accurate pick and decode Lishi Ford hu101 & Lishi Vauxhall hu100?

I’ve got the picking side if lishi just about cracked. I’m struggling with the decoding once the lock is open. I’m wasting 4 or 5 blank blades and sometimes still not getting it. Problem locks for me Ford hu101 and Vauxhall hu100. I’m doing something fundamentally wrong as I just can’t get it right. Any tips for an accurate decode.


(Pic 1. Vauxhall Lishi hu100 lock and decoder)



(Pic.2: Ford Lishi hu101 lock and decoder)


Awesome tips for an accurate decode:

heavy handed picking use can cause the tools to miss read , even slight heavy handed use can distort the little snib that picks and decodes the wafer , if the snib is distorted just a 10th of a mm it can read an entire cut out on the grid .


the first thing to do is check how accurately your tool is reading , to do this you need a lock that you know the decode of , pick and decode it and compare to the known decode , if the reader is reading just past or just before a line on a known lock it is safe to assume it will read this way on the next lock so you can compensate for this when decoding .

if using an ignition enabled tool , this have had the shoulders taken down to allow full insertion in the ignition , this causes a more sloppy fit in the door lock , so its important to ensure your tool is correctly centered when decoding.


HU101 and HU100 are both twin lift tools that decode in the same direction as picking , so in order to maximise accuracy when decoding , very gently move the reading arrow along the line , literally just finger tip pressure , very gentle , you will feel the tool make its 1st point of contact with the wafer , then gently push past the spring until it stops , this stop point is your reading, too heavy handed and you can push past the reading. ie . finger tip pressure move the reader along the line to the 1st point of contact if this stops on a 3 cut the reading will be a 2 cut as when you gently push past the spring till it stops it will be a cut away from the 1st point of contact.


when picking these , memorise the positions you didnt need to pick , these will be the deepest cut , ie 4 cut in an hu100 and 5 cut in an hu101 , read these positions you didnt have to pick first as you know what they are cut wise , see how your tool reads them , ie just above , just below or bang on the line , each position on that tracks arm will read the same , either just above just below or bang on the line .


ensure light tension when picking , check and know the tool and how its reading , ensure an ignition enabled tool is properly centered , its easy to move off center on an ignition enabled tool , memorise the positions you didn’t need to pick and compensate on rest of positions on that track , crack these points and these locks will cause you no more grief.


LISHI HU101 2-in-1 Auto Pick and Decoder Ford Video on Youtube:



LISHI HU100 2-in-1 Auto Pick and Decoder Vauxhall Video on Youtube: