Tool Recommendations for Truck Immo All keys lost

Recommend good tools for trucks Immo / All keys lost, particularly Euro trucks – Benz, Scania, Volvo.

There is no universal tool that will do all. I do repairs on all european truck excluding Iveco, and I can share some experience if it comes to immo.

MAN – Any tool to read/write by E-GPT protocols or by BDM (EDC7) or Boot (EDC17 Euro 6) will be okay for engine ECU, and You would need EEPROM programmer and Macaca for FFR/PTM (FFR only EEPROM). With such tool You will be able to disable the immo (but I’m not sure if there is any Immo off option for EDC17 currently). Or You can get MANCATS II and III with developer software and You will be able to programm keys in truck to about 2016 year production. Newer are blocked and harder to bypass.

Volvo/Renault – Get Vocom with PTT, You can easily disable Immo in V2 trucks, change two parameters and You have no Immo and no error on dash. Fast and easy. For V4 trucks, never had to learn yet, as there was no client that needed new keys, so can’t tell much. But PTT will let You disable the Steering Lock that tend to fail on those trucks very often.


DAF – Euro 5 DMCI, Get Davie XDCII with DAF MUX-560, You can program keys, change ECUS, change Immo boxes no problem. For Euro 6, Davie will be ok up to 2016. Newer only Davie 4, but if You’re not authorized DAF Dealer, no Immobilizer programming. It’s totally blocked.

Scania – Get VCI3, install SDP3 and XCOM. Learn how to modify SOPS files and erase Immo with XCOM, and You’re good to go with S6 and S7 Ecus. With S8/EMD1 it’s more complicated but doable. With SDP3 You can teach new keys, delete old ones and with few tweaks to SOPS files, You can also disable the Immo. Still, EMS and COO need to be paired, but it’s easy procedure with SDP3.

So… A lot of money to invest if You want to do every brand. If You want to start cheap – go for Scania. VCI3 is quite cheap, all the necessary software You can find on forumĀ (or bought reliable source sdp3 software). MAN and DAF have the most expensive interfaces right now. There is no do-it-all software, like the ones for cars, that will let You program everything unfortunately.

euro-trucks-immo-all-keys-lost-tools-02 euro-trucks-immo-all-keys-lost-tools-03

Good luck!