How to use Tango SLK-06 emulator to program Toyota H all keys lost?

Update! Scorpio-LK Tango 1.114.2 plus one extra SLK-06 emulator are able to program Toyota H all keys with 128bit lost regardless of (EU /Asia/ USA).

This post offers update info/highlights, operation guide and FAQ.

new Tango Ver 1.114.2

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First in the World Toyota-H Immobilizer All Keys Lost solution (all markets),**


First in the World Scorpio-LK Emulators : SLK-06 sniffer for Toyota-H Immobilizer AKL solution:**


First in the World True Image Generator for Toyota H-Keys (Page1 3A, 7A)on TRPWS21 transponder


Reset Subaru SmartKey (F3)

Key maker BMW K19 (25160,DST80)


Other makers:

Key maker Nissan Micra 2005- (93C56,DST40)

Key maker Nissan Tiida 2005- (93C56,DST40)

Key maker SsangYong Action 2011- (S9S12,DST80)

Key maker Ford Cargo 2014- (24C64,DST40)

Key maker Buick Excelle 2013- (9S12,DST80)

Key maker Fiat Palio 2012- (95160,HITAG)

Key maker SAIC Kai Yue 2013- (9S12,DST80)

Key maker SAIC Datong V80 (95160,HITAG)

Key maker MAN truck (M29W160,MEG13)

Key maker BMW K19 (25160, DST80)*

Some bugs fixed


Update highlights:


From Version 1.12 to newest version.


SLK-06 Help Manual

  1. Getting Started

    This Help relates to Tango software version 1.114(April 2019)and up
    The function allows to solve all keys lost(AKL)situation on Toyota vehicles equipped with 128bit H immobilization system(Page1 39, 59, 3A, 5A)regardless of market(EU/Asia/USA), by creating a master key on LKP-04, utilizing SLK-06, which further serves for diagnostic authorization for key addition, without need to replace or reset the immobilizer. During the process car data is not altered in any way.

System requirements:
Tango programmer
SLK-06 Sniffer
LKP-04 transponder
Toyota maker
SLK-06 maker
Internet connection
Any metal key that fits and can turn on ignition switch of the vehicle.


SLK-06 is battery powered. Note that a battery is not included with an emulator and has to be obtained locally. Three standard types of battery are compatible for our emulators:CR1616,CR1620.CR1632
If battery is removed all data from the emulator will be lost. When power is restored the default data will be loaded into the transponder memory.

Thus the transponder can be cleaned to default state just by taking off the battery.
We did no test how long the battery lifetime in this application is, because of the main purpose of the SLK-6 is to get data in few minutes. The battery shouldn’t drop much below 3V or emulator won’t save data.

tango-02 tango-03


SLK-06 not programmed, default state after the battery replacement.

Operation Procedure

Due to the nature of Toyota H immobilization system a creative approach is needed in order to solve all keys lost situation, particularly for EU/Asia regions vehicles. The solution currently implemented in Tango can be summarized in three main steps, which are described below:

Obtaining data (Sniffing

Calculation(Calculate Data)

Master Key Creation( Write Transponderl


1) Obtaining data (Sniffing)

  1. Disconnect battery from car(1-3min)
  2. Reconnect car battery
  3. Insert battery in SLK-06(LED will blink few times, then go off)
  4. Hold SLK-06 next to the ignition lock(as if it is a key)
  5. Insert blank key blade (without any transponder) into the ignition and switch ON
  6. If steps from 1 to 5 are performed correctly the LED of SLK-06 will start blinking. Hold it in position until LED stops blinking and turns solid red. At this point part of data gathering is complete

Don’t remove battery from SLK-06!

7. Turn ignition switch OFF and remove key from it.
8. Perform again steps from 4 to 7 again. After this data gathering is complete.
When steps 1 to 8 are complete you can verify if data collection was performed successfully in Tango
main software by using Auto detect:


SLK-06 is programmed, State after data obtaining procedure is complete. Note that, during Autodetect Tango will turn OFF the SLK-06 LED, but this is not problem, collected data remains.  2) Calculation (Calculate Data)1. Connect Tango and start Tango. exe2. Select region Asia, then Toyota->Utility-> SLK06 Sniffer3. Insert SLK-06 in Tango coil4. Press Run Online Calculation(this step requires Internet connection.   You will receive a message that our servers have received your request and will start calculating the data.


The process can take from 6 minutes up to several hours(depends on several factors and servers load).
Once servers have received the data SLK-06 is no longer needed, you can remove its battery.
Tango doesn’t need to remain opened, you can close the software, disconnect Tango, or continue using it for some other work. If Tango remains opened and there is internet connection it will check
once per minute for status of the calculation request.
5. You can check the status of your request by pressing Check Calculation Status


6.When calculation is complete you will be prompted to save a file.


This step is optional and just allows proceeding with Master Key Creation at later point, or in case you want to run another calculation right away. Our servers store the data of the last queued calculation indefinitely.Previous calculation is erased when a new calculation request is submittedIf you place a new request, while a previous is still being calculated, you will receive a message informing you that this action will cancel the current calculation, with option to continue or cancel. tango-08

Master key creation (Write transponder)1. Once calculation process is complete, place a bank LKP-04 in Tango coil. 2. Press Write from Online Service.


2. 1 If during Calculation phase you choose to save the file, it can be used via button Write from File.
3. The LKP-04 transponder created becomes a master key for the vehicle you have obtained data from and can be further used to add more keys diagnostically by using any Toyota compatible diagnostic system(Techstream, etc…).


SLK-06 FAQ and remarks:

Ill. FAQ and Remarks
Q: Sniffer(Slk-06)Doesn’t blink?
A: Not inserted or low battery/Not placed correctly or next to ignition switch/Low or not connected vehicle battery or some other hardware issue with the vehicle. The sniffer itself can be tested in Tango Place battery, start Tango and press Autodetect.

Q: During Obtaining data LED on SLK-06 blinks, but then it doesnt turn solid?
A: Data obtaining failure. At present moment roughly 50% of all vehicles equipped with H immobilizer ever produced can be done using our system. Unfortunately they can’t be categorized by vehicle model/year/region, or even part number.

Q: Error: Calculation error. Please make a new sniffing and try calculate again.


 1.Blank or no SLK-06 placed in Tango / Obtaining data steps were not performed.


Q: Error: Detected zero captured frame. Expected at least two frames.



A: During Obtaining data steps 1 to 8 were not performed.


Q: Error: Detected one captured frame. Expected at least two frames.


A: During Obtaining data step 8 were not performed.


Q: I have vehicle with H immo system, key page 1 20.

A: At present moment P1 20 are not supported, only the main types P1, 39, 59, 3A, 5A.

VVDI2 vs Tango: VVDI2 Wins in OBD, VAG, BMW

Topic: VVDI2 or Tango? Which is better for auto key programming?

Program keys: VVDI2 via OBD, Tango from dump

If you are going to make keys from dump and reading with a programmer buy Tango.
If you are looking to make keys over OBD buy VVDI2 is a good tool for BMW CAS/MB EZS. (read and write MB IR key)

Tango more features, VVDI2 good for OBD

Better buy VVDI2 with VVDI Prog

I personally prefer Tango good support and more features, xhorse it is also a very good for obd.
If you buy VVDI2 i also recommend complement with VVDI programmer.

Tango has guides with pics, free with standard tool

I don’t know VVDI2… but I have tango and it’s excellent so long as you have good programmers too like xprog etc. Most makes/models have guides with pics. Also many makers are free with standard tool and you can just add when you need

VVDI2 + Tango better than Zed full

If you mean original Tango and VVDI2 full…than this group will be better than zed full, thats my opinion…but there is a lot of car that you will need to remove BCM’s, immo’s…etc because vvdi2 and tango are more eeprom based tools, except vvdi2 making bmw and vag over obd2, skp900 and obdstar are obd2 tools but cant help you with fiat, opel, renault and with some few brands

VVDI2 + VVDI Prog good for VAG + BMW

If you looking only for VAG + BMW , then VVDI2 and VVDI prog is way to go. No need any other tool. In VVDI2 you have also programmer similar to Tango that you can make keys buy dump, but 90% of VAG and BMW can be done by OBD in VVDI2.

VVDI programmer don’t have OBD it’s only for bench programming.

Good for CAS4, FRM, EZS, EWS4 and many more.

VVDI2 = VVDI + Tango + …

VVDI 2 includes all the VVDI functions, the function of Tango…. has improved remote control generation and chip identification, and also enhanced the coil’s stability
Moreover, you don’t have to connect VVD2 with a computer or other devices to identify chip or detect remote frequently.


VVDI2 wins! Wins in OBD making keys! Wins in VAG + BMW key programming.


Correct odometer
Generate key
Unlock key
Fix CAS computer


Read & write Immo4/Immo5 system
Learn key
Program BCM remote
K-Line instrument immobilizer box
Correct odometer
Program control unit
Unlock Immo1/Immo2 firmware protection
Support data manipulation tools

VVDI2 key programmer:

Program key chip
Generate specialized chips
Immobilizer data processing tool
Other key tools
Generate remote control

Tango / Tm 100 /Tag key tool which one is the Best?

If you are interested in key programming through Dump and want to know which tool is the best for this, Tango key programmer, Tm 100 or Tag key tool? Then I advise you have an overview on this article, this article is based on many real users’ experience.

lunchb0x (user) experience:

I have Tango, TMPro and AVDI TAG.

Tango – Once you get your head around the layout for the car manufactures it is pretty simple to use, it also has come handy features like generating transponders like 48CAN, 4D6x and 46 chips. This helps with cutting down on stock.

TMPro – I prefer using this for motorbikes as they seem to be first with finding a lot of solutions for these ( Yamaha Moric) but if you want a lot of modules then Tango is the cheaper option

AVDI TAG – I haven’t used it much since getting my Tango, there were a few bugs in it when I was using it and abritus aren’t the quickest at fixing bugs.

Overall to start with go Tango. Easy to use, has images to help you out and so far ( for me) it works with everything that it says it does. ( I have heard of a few issues with some updates but nothing that I have come across first hand)

Siham(user) experience:

All depend of your budget.

TMpro is the best ,but also the most expensive and absolutly no bugs.

TM100 is a copy of Tango, Tango and TM100 share similar functions, TM100 has some calculators that Tango doesn’t have and Tango has other specific functions, and Tm100 is the best for Toyota because it has been developed with one well-known Toyota locksmith.

Tango is the original and best option with investment. If you are a novice then TM100 doesn’t help u much with pics

As with all this kit, you still need OBD kit…. mega bucks even cloned stuff

jameshdx80 (user) experience:

I have Tango, TMPro, Transpronics, AD900 and RW4. As for these tools, only Tango and TMPro as worth the price. I like best TMPro because it is very simple to use and rarely presents any bug. Besides, Bogi (the developer) always answers fast. Tango is also a great tool and Liubomir (the developer) also offers help although sometimes is hard to understand what he writes in the e-mail.


Conclusion is the following: before choosing between Tango and TMPro, check what services they offer that will suit your needs according to your country. Services they have are not exactly equal.