Newest Handy Baby V7.0 update information and how to update

Handy Baby Car Key Copy Programmer is recently updated to V7.0! You can download this newest version here. And this blog will tell you what’s new in Handy Baby V7.0.


Free download Handy Baby V7.0 Auto Key Programmer:!Kp9j1J5R!ixMIzZIKmLqFYhRbLQzQj0w5_zH_LVkf6YoO6Wst0LQ


New added functions for Handy Baby V7.0:

  1. Adding copy these following 4D Chips:


  1. Recognizing more chips
  2. Adding program GM ID46 transponder chip
  3. Fixing some bugs
  4. Adding these following
  5. Adding immobilizer data processing for: Great Wall remote key with ID46 chip, Geely remote key with ID46 chip, Chery remote key with ID46 chip, Alto remote key with ID46 chip, FAW HAIMA remote key with ID46 chip, Delphi 48, Siemens46, etc.


How to update JMD Handy Baby to V7.0?

First, download the Update Software JMD V2.0:

Next, connect Handy Baby to computer. (Please don’t start it, keep it off)

Then, open the Update Software JMD V2.0, choose the V7.0 file and click “Open File”.

Last step is to turn on Handy Baby, it will show updating.

Now just wait a second, the update will be finished soon.