MIRACLE A7 key cutting machine Y sensor error (solved)

Here is the solution of how to solve MIRACLE A7 key cutting machine “Y sensor error” when it starts.


Error display:


solution by uobdii engineers:

A7 machine power off

Push the Y axis with great efforts, as much as you can

The copper pin is stuck in the track when the Y axis cannot be pushed anymore, so that the Y axis cannot go to the proper place


How to do Y- axis origin calibration:

All keys are cut with origin to center of key in all “Miracle” key cutting machines. So the center of the key (the center of clamp (y-axis)) is set to the origin as seen in Fig below, and so precise set up of the center point, that is the center of Y-axis of the clamp is very important. If the midpoint value of Y-axis hasn’t been set up properly, key is cut being inclined to one side, which needs to be corrected by aligning the origin of Y-axis.


This step will not be needed in normal case because miracle-A7 calibrates automatically. The following explanation was given just for conceptual understanding on the calibration.

MIRACLE-A7-Y-sensor-user-manual (1)

Aligning Step by Step

MIRACLE-A7-Y-sensor-user-manual (2)


MIRACLE-A7-Y-sensor-user-manual (3) MIRACLE-A7-Y-sensor-user-manual (4) MIRACLE-A7-Y-sensor-user-manual (5) MIRACLE-A7-Y-sensor-user-manual (6)


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