How to Update Condor Mini PLUS Firmware ?

Tips and guides for those with Condor xc-mini plus key machines:

Upgrade kit download:


The are 3 ways to get ‘Upgrade kit’ file for firmware update


  1. Contact your distributor ask for the software.
  2. Contact Xhorse technical support skype: Live:
  3. Scan the QR code to download and install Xhorse APP.



update tool.rar


Scan QR Code to download Xhorse APP


Steps to update Condor mini plus firmware:


Step 1:

Unzip the Upgrade kit file after the file has been downloaded .


Step 2:

Run ‘Upgrade Kit.exe’ and connect the machine with the pc

Do not turn off the machine during update process

and also the upgrade kit software will be updated automatically


Step 3:

Open the file of ‘Driver’ from those decompressed files

and choose a relatively new driver to install

If the computer still can not recognize the machine after the installation of the driver, it is advisable to change to another driver.

If all the drivers fail, please contact your distributor or technical support from the manufacturer.


Step 4:

After the machine is successfully communicated with the computer, read the serial number, then select the XC-MINI PLUS and click to update.

Note: Please keep the machine connected to the computer by USB during the update.


Attachment: Condor mini plus user manual.pdf