How to install Yanhua Mini ACDP PC Software

Yanhua Mini ACDP PC Software Installation Tutorials: Support Windows 7 and 10, Not Support Windows XP.

Please download PC Software and Running environment from the official website:

Choose ACDP Series — Download— ACDP PC Software, Download both the software and Running environment. Please do not save the installation package to disck C.

Extract the ACDP PC Software File (Extract to PC-ACDP-1.05.0-EN)

Find the PC-ACDP Application in the extraction file and sent to desktop


And then run the PC-ACDP Application as administrator

If an error message is displayed or the application cannot be started, please install the running environment.

Extract the runtime file (Extract to “runtime”)

Then Install the 3 file in Runtime File.


After Install the running environment file, The PC-ACDP can be opened normally.

And you can use the Yanhua Mini ACDP Software with your PC.

ACDP PC Software Installation Video Guide:

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