How I use Condor XC-007 to cut a new Fiat GT15R Key?

I have owned a Condor XC-007 for months. Good tool without doubt. Yesterday a customer came to me with a broken Fiat GT15R key. I successfully used XC-007 to cut a new one for him, so share with you how to cut Fiat GT15R Key.



First, I pressed “Key Database” button on the main menu. Then I chose “Fiat” at “Select Car Maker” menu and pressed the “Operation” button.



Second, I input key code and press “Operation” button. Next I chose “GT15R” at “Compatible Key” menu.

Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-4 Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-5

Third, this machine showed me picture of Fiat GT15R key blade, same as the broken key. Next I put a new key blade on the clamp and tightened the locking knob.

Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-6 Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-7

Finally, I pressed the “Operation” button to start cutting. After cutting finished, the new key had same blade shape as the original one and it worked.

Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-8 Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-9