Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator Download and use tips

Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator, which along with a USB key and use to calculate pin code for both new and old Honda vehicle.

This is USB Dongle

How to use Honda code calculator?
1.Connect the USB dongle to the computer, software no need install, its plug and play.
2.Download software to run together with USB dongle.
Honda Calculator software download link:
Unzip it, you will find the file is as small as 432KB.
3.Open “HondaCalculator.exe”, it is this window as follows.
4.Reading information from this picture:
1)Select the language you want, Honda Pin code calculator is available with English and Chinese.
2)Enter the VIN Code read by any HDS machine which use original Honda HDS software, I.E VXDIAG MULTI 3 IN 1 Diagnostic Tool For Toyota/ Honda/JLR, Allscanner IT3, HONDA HDS, GNA600 and so on
3)Honda calculator is able to calculate old version HDS password 1 and password 2
4)Honda calculator is able to calculate new version HDS PCM Code. Note: please connect USB Dongle when you calculate the PCM Code.

Moreover, Honda calculator can calculate Honda vehicle with 17 digit VIN number and Japanese produced Honda with 11 Digit VIN.