FMPC001-2015 Best Ford Mazda Outcode Incode Calculator newly release one Ford Mazda Outcode – Incode Calculator, it is named FMPC001 Ford/Mazda Incode Calculator, as following picture likes, it is packed with one FMPC001 main unit with OBDII connector, one USB cable, and one box.


FMPC001 Ford/Mazda Incode Calculator is Best, the following reasons to prove.

1.No need connect to the computer, as the picture shows, it is with screen to display data, just connect to OBD2 connector and play! While the old Ford Outcode/Incode Calculator +SW Dongle+2000 Tokens need to install on old XP computer that will take some trouble to some users.
2.FMPC001 support update. The packed USB cable is used to update.
Follow the steps to update:
1)Pay 85USD to add another 50tokens.
2)Send us serial number
3)We add tokens to the server
4)Connect FMPC001 via USB calbe to the computer; install the driver, open update tool to update.
Download FMPC001 update tool (also used to recharge tokens) :
3.FMPC001 doesn’t deduct tokens for old Ford Mazda models, but only new models, it will deduct one tokens for each time calculation. In contrary, the old Ford Outcode/Incode Calculator +SW Dongle+2000 Tokens deduct tokens for both old and new models.
4.FMPC001 supports newest car models. Such as 2014+ new Focus3, 2010+ Kuga, 2014+ Mondeo, etc
5.Able to transfer 6 digits OUTCODE to 4 digits INCODE for old Ford and Mazda.

Next is to use FMPC001, it is easy to do as follows:
Connect one end of FMPC001 FORD/MAZDA INCODE Calculator to the vehicle OBD port, and the other end to the device that can read OUTCODE, when the OUTCODE is read out, the calculator display the INCODE, then input both the INCODE and OUTCODE to calculate, no need to connect to the PC.
Note: With press button which allow user to manually press it to choose the vehicle if the automatic identification option not work