Continental PCR2.1 IMMO Data Reading

IMMO programming of Volkswagen, Audi, Sitte and Skoda series models, obtaining the CS, PIN CODE and MAC values of the current vehicle first is a must. Some models need to read IMMO data from the engine system, but for those models equipped with Continental PCR2.1 engine can not directly read the engine data through OBD diagnostic seat at present. Thus, OBDSTAR has developed a way to read the IMMO data of Continental PCR2.1 through bench mode using P003 adapter.

OBDSTAR P003 Kit Overview:

  1. Diag cable OBD connector(male)
  2. Connect P003 connector(female)
  3. P003 adapter
  4. Boot jumper(spring needle)
  5. Boot jumper(welding)
  6. ECU pin connector
  7. ECU boot connector
  8. 12V power

OBDSTAR X300DP Plus read PCR2.1(TC1796) reading IMMO data with P003 Steps:

Please Keep the OBDStar X300DP Plus in Charging and communication in the whole process.

Open the OBDSTAR X300DP Plus Table, Choose ECU Flasher


Manual Select System


Read IMMO Data

Click{Bench Mode Wiring} in lower left to check wiring diagram, and connect P003 adapter with main cable  and ECU Bench cables. And connect ECU Bench cables with continental PCR2.1 ECU

according to wiring diagram.

After Connction, Click Esc. And then Click {Enter} to read immo data.

Click Enter and Save CONTINENTAL PCR2.1 ECU IMMO Data File


IMMO Data has been read out successfully.