Xhorse BCM2 Audi Solder-Free Adapters IMMO Programming Guide

What is the main function of Xhorse BCM2 Audi Solder-Free Adapters in IMMO programming? Does it still need to pay to compute data after using this adapter? These are the two most common questions customers ask recently.

The 5th generation Immobilizer system of Volkswagen/ AUDI contains A4 A5 Q5 A6L A8L Touareg and other models. The appearance of the key is as follows:

There are two types for matching this 5th generation anti-theft key:

1.No need to synchronize data

This type of car only needs to obtain the anti-theft data of the vehicle to add the key and do all keys lost.

The representative model: A4, A5 and Q5.  

There are two ways to obtain anti-theft data.

Method 1: For Audi A4, A5 and Q5 (-2012)

You can use VVDI to read directly from OBD, and also use VVDI PROG to read unencrypted D-FLSH and P-FLSH data from BCM, and then use VVDI2 programmer to decrypt data and get anti-theft data for key matching. This type of non-encrypted BCM can be used by VVDI PRO directly for BCM clone maintenance.


Method 2: For Audi A4, A5 and Q5 (2012-)

After year 2012 of encryption, you need to use XHORSE’s Audi adapter to read the BCM encrypted data, and then use VVDI2 or key tool plus tablet to convert the anti-theft data online for key matching.

Note: Encrypted data read out using the XHORSE Audi adapter can only be used for key matching, not for BCM clone repair.  


If you don’t use the Xhorse Audi solder-free adapter to read the data for all keys lost, only collect data via OBD to calculate the anti-theft data. The charge is about 167 US$ (500US$ without directional lock). But using this adapter can obtain anti-theft data without any fee.


2.Need to synchronize data

It needs to obtain the theft data and synchronization data at the same time for these vehicles key matching.

The representing model: A6 A8 Touareg  

In the case of key addition, using VVDI2 or tablet computer, no matter which year’s basic can obtain anti-theft data from OBD, and then obtain synchronization data from the customer’s car key, without using a programmer to read BCM data, it is relatively simple to operate.


Case 1: For A6 A8 Touareg (-2012)

If all the keys are lost, some of the vehicles with CVT transmission before year 2012 can use VVDI PROG to read BCM data and convert it to anti-theft data. Then, according to the steps in VVDI2 and tablet computer, the network can calculate the synchronization data (there are few vehicles that can use their own devices to calculate the synchronization data.  And requires having the skills to read the direction lock engine computer data, short-circuit ABS communication line. It’s not recommended to do without any experience).


Case 2: For A6 A8 Touareg (2012-)

After year 2012, the BCM of the vehicle is encrypted and only the Audi adapter using XHORSE can read the data. After reading the data, the VVDI2 and tablet computer should be used to convert the anti-theft data. After obtaining anti-theft data, you can use the device by reading the direction lock and the engine computer again to calculate the synchronization data to complete the matching of lost keys. If you can’t perform the operations above, you need to ask the professional technician to calculate the synchronization data.

The difference between reading anti-theft data from BCM with and without XHORSE AUDI solder-free adapter is as follows:  

Collecting the data via OBD and reading the data and calculating the synchronous data by XHORSE adapter, the current price is about 130US$.

Otherwise, if only collect the data via OBD and calculate the synchronous data without reading data by XHORSE adapter, the current price is more 500US$.


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