VAG OBD cable software: Where to download + How to install/use

This article show a guide on how to install,how to use VAG OBD Assistant cable,and you can download the VAG OBD cable software here.


Free download VAG OBD Helper software, driver software, help files!5eJkDA5L!_SCyBL5Mov7q_Fx-WiMI4uLA7zyneJvemu1Wu3HELKw


How to install VAG OBD cable:

Unzip file “vag obd”to Desktop


3 files inside:

Folder “help”;

Folder “VAG OBD software”;

Driver software “Driver.exe”



First, install VAG OBD driver software

Then install the VAG cable to the USB port

Run VAGOBD.exe


The serial number can be detected automatically

Languages available: Chinese; English

The chinese interface


The english interface


Help files:

4th immo – appro help files

4th immo – mqb – Lonsdor k518 help files

4th immo – vvdi help files

5th immo – appro help files

mqb – vvdi help files

Note that all files are explained in Chinese.

But the English version help files will be released here soon.


Tokens: not free

You should pay for it at

VAG OBD Helper Assistant +VVDI2 program All Key Lost for VW 4th 5th

Online calculation:

In VAG OBD Helper

Reading immo data


VW immo type: IMMO4 – Magnei Marelli Motorola

Select online key ID and then use online calculate immo data



IMMO4 – NEC24C64 part immo data success

Save data

Attention 1: this immo data is not the full immo data. DON’T write it back to the car with other tools

Attention 2: you can prepare a new dealer key and learn key with this immo data in other immo device

Attention 3: press ok will auto open immo data folder

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