Using and Repair Tips to Care Your SEC-E9 Cutting Machine

SEC-E9 is a useful automatic key cutting machine which is popular among locksmiths. And this post is a user guide on how to keep your SEC-E9 in a good condition for a longer time.


SEC-E9 using and repair tips to care your key cutting machine:

The Power Supply

SEC-E9 can only operate normally under DC24V/5A, if the supply voltage is more than DC24V, the unit may be damaged due to overvoltage; at low voltage, it will cause reduced motor output, resulting in an incorrect positioning of the movement and insufficient cutting efforts.


The Cutter

Please change the cutter regularly, and be sure to use Kukai original cutter. This is very important.


Key Blanks

Before cutting a key, please do check whether the key blank is standard. If the key blank itself is flawed, it may not able to achieve the desired results.


Correct Cutting Speed

The material of the key blanks affects the cutter’s cutting performance. Please choose the cutting speed according to the key blank hardness, this helps you keep the lifetime of the cutter.


Working Environment

Do not expose the tablet to sunlight. Once the tablet is exposed to the sun for too long, the temperature will increase and the lamp in the screen will be aging accelerated, this will greatly reduce the useful life of your tablet, and the tablet may even be exploded. Please don’t beat or pound the machine, don’t place the machine in rain or snow, either.



In order to extend the service life of E9 meanwhile maintain the accuracy of the machine, you should always do a good job of cleaning, just removing the debris above the decoder, the cutter, the clamps and the debris tray when every key blank side has done.


Regular Checking

We suggest to check the performance status of the machine every month and to clean the machine deeply. Always check the fasterning parts – screws and nuts, whether loose or not.


Correct Repair Operation

When the machine can’t be calibrated or cutting a key is not accurate, please contact the after-sales staff to replace the damaged parts or help you adjust incorrect positioning parts timely

You must conduct repair work under the guidance of our support team, you can’t disassemble the machine privately. Please do remember to unplug the power plug when you doing the maintenance.

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