Toyota dongle quick reset “G” & “H” to Xtool EZ500 (ps80/90)

Xtool engineer will make a dongle Quick reset “G” & “H” to add to the EZ500 (same as ps80/90 and AutoProPad). Reset all lost key tested Working!! The dongle has 3 programs in 1 (remote type4, reset “G” &. “h”) it will be offer at the end of the month. Xtooltech was the first to release these functions via obd2 by a Chinese company.

skp900 can’t do it !

ck100 or ck200 can’t do it !

xtool dongle will be standalone. The secret is in the seed calculator, crack that and you can reset all in a minute. The next project is reset smart fobs in a minute.

The dongle will be Bluetooth to your phone; the app. will hold the firmware.

Here is a current video to watch how it going to work.

the dongle is not ready for sale yet and has not been tested.

But other car brands are tested ok and for sale, here a Chinese shop: