CG-100 V3.9.9.6 update online free (May 30, 2018)

CG-100 V3.9.9.6 is available to download and update.

CG-100 V3.9.9.6 is available to download and update.


Update way:

  1. Software update online
  2. Visit, select “Download”, then CG-100 V3.9.96.C to download and install.


CG-100 V3.9.9.6 update applies to both

CG100 Airbag Restore Devices Support Renesas

 cg100 basic

CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS

 cg100 full


CG-100 V3.9.9.6 Update Log

1.Add support chip:
NEC R7F701A223
Fujitsu MB91F061S
Fujitsu MB91F062BS

2.Add Airbag support model:
DongFeng SPC560P40L1 Series
DongFeng U04100J-G0106
DongFeng U04100J-G0112
DongFeng U410010J-D0203
DongFeng U410010J-D0204
DongFeng U410010J-F0101
DongFeng U410010J-F0300
DongFeng U410010J-F0500
DongFeng U410010J-G0111
Toyota 89170-02L30 (mode 2)
Toyota 89170-06480
Toyota 89170-0DA30
Toyota 89170-0G030
Toyota 89170-42830
Toyota 89170-53680
Toyota 89170-60C10
Toyota 89170-60C50
Buick 26670439
Buick 26670494
BMW 6577-9266328-01
Hanteng X7-J3858458-3658010001-B15
Volvo P31429510
Haima SB32-57-K30
Hyundai KX7 95910-C0100
Hyundai 95910-C9900
Hyundai 95910-C0100
Ford C1BT-14B321-FD
Ford EB3T-14B321-BE
Ford EB3T-14B321-FG
Ford FL3T-14B321-BA
Ford GK29-14B321-BC
Luxgen S3 28556-LA170
Great Wall 3658110XKY28A
Great Wall 3658110XKZ1DA
Great Wall SPC560P40L1 Series
Chevrolet D70F3548 Series
Renault 639738300
Mazda BRE7-57K30
Mazda KD5H-57K30

3.The following airbag models add or update repair data:
Jaguar CX23-14D374-AC
Jaguar CX23-14D374-AD
Jaguar CX23-14D374-AE
Ford AB39-14B321-AG
Ford AL34-14B321-FA
Ford BL34-14B321-FA
Ford BL34-14B321-FB
Ford BR33-14B321-AF
Ford BT43-14B321-AC
Ford BT43-14B321-AF
Ford BT43-14B321-AG
Ford CN15-14B321-AE
Ford CN15-14B321-AF
Ford CN15-14B321-BE
Ford CN15-14B321-BF
Ford CN15-14B321-CE
Ford CN15-14B321-CF
Ford CT43-14B321-AC
Ford DB5T-14B321-AG
Ford DL34-14B321-AC
Ford DL34-14B321-CA
Ford DR33-14B321-AB
Ford DR33-14B321-AC
Ford DT43-14B321-AC
Ford EB3T-14B321-FF
Ford EB5T-14B321-AA
Ford EB5T-14B321-BA
Ford ED8T-14B321-AD
Ford ED8T-14B321-AE
Ford ED8T-14B321-BD
Ford ED8T-14B321-BE
Ford FL3T-14B321-BD
Ford FR3T-14B321-AF
Ford FR3T-14B321-AJ
Ford GB5T-14B321-AC
Ford GK29-14B321-AC
Ford GR2T-14B321-AD
Ford GR3T-14B321-AA
Ford HB5T-14B321-AA
Land Rover BJ32-14D374-AC
Land Rover CK52-14D374-AE
Land Rover DJ32-14D374-AC
Land Rover DK62-14D374-AA
Land Rover DK62-14D374-AF
Land Rover DK62-14D374-AG
Land Rover EJ32-14D374-AC
Land Rover FH22-14D374-AC
Land Rover GJ32-14D374-AB
Land Rover GJ32-14D374-AC
Land Rover GK62-14D374-AA
Land Rover HY32-14D374-AA
Great Wall 3658110XKU00A
Great Wall 3658110XKY00A

4.Picture Update:
Hyundai 95910-F9100
Infineon XC series 100 PIN

5.SPC564B64L8 Chip improves compatibility

6.MB91 software interface update, MB91 series chip read and write stability enhancement

7.CG100-III software stability enhancements, optimized memory footprint

How CDGI BMW and CG100 Program BMW FEM/BDC

Since last October, all CGDI Prog BMW come with free BMW FEM/BDC function. This post will share a full guide about how to do BMW FEM/BDC key match with and without key with the help of CG100. Here, CG100 use to read out the FEM 95128 IC data and save it.

This post will be in two parts: copy key with key and copy key without key.


Open the car door, connect the vehicle and CGDI BMW via OBD, the vehicle maintains voltage is above 12v , do not turn off the computer screen during operation.

Select “FEM/BDC key match” and click enter

Connect successfully, maintain enough voltage, click “yes”

Need to disassemble the module, read EEPROM data, FEM is 95128

FEM module installation location

Use CG100 to read out 95128 IC data and save the data

Remove the 95128 chip and clip it to the ATMEGA adapter


Open the CG100 to read the data and save it

Use CGDI Prog BMW to load the data

Load successfully, save the new data generated by the system

Write back new data with CG100, weld back to module, and click next

Waiting for programming, after finish it, write back 95128 original data, put FEM into the car again, and click next

Then, use CG-100 to write back 95128 original data

When finished, click “next”

Set code successfully, customers can do any operation


The following guide will set into two parts: copy with key and copy without key

  1. Copy with key

choose the unused key, and click “generate the dealer key”

Choose read working key, click Next

Read successfully and display information

After matching the key, a note will show out new key matched successfully



  1. Copy key without key

Use CG 100 to read the engine data

Choose “ECU

Click on the engine model option to enter the current vehicle

According to the software physical wiring diagram wiring

Physical connection

Click read EEPROM

Read successfully and save the data

Show ISN and VIN

Return to CGDI BMW, select unused key bits, and click “generate dealer keys””

Click on the next item that you select and click next (Manually input known ISN)

Check the information and click ok

Place new key

New key programming success