SEC-E9 or Xhorse condor for Cutting new 2016 yaris blade

(Quoted) a 2016 yaris all key lost,  I manage to unlock it with va6 lishi and read the barrel but i can’t turn the ignition with va6 lishi. then I bought va8 lishi and voila you can pick and read the ignition. I have sec-e9 cutting machine and I can’t cut the blade.
the only option is 2016 corolla in sec-e9…..8 wqafers depths 1, 2, 3, 4, but I still can’t cut the blade because what I read from the va8 lishi doesn’t match.


Finally, used silca futura machine to cut the blade, the job is done now. but it will be difficult for me to call my buddy just to cut the blade every time. The silca futura is bloody expensive. The next parts answer a question: how to cut this new blade with sec-e9 or other machine?


  1. I have the xhorse condor. There is a CustomKeyTools.
    Create your own key file, and load that in your machine.

Have a look at the condor keycutter thread.

series exists in instacode if your machine can work with instacode or if you can make your own cutting card .



  1. @Manta1600 (DK forum) made quick tutorial how to create new key on SEC-E9z please check it:


Question: I tested with sec-e9 toy51 add manually key turn on door but not ignition ! Have you an idea ?? Please


Answer: 1. you have wrong cuts somehow
2. ignition has been changed
3. door has been changed

I just copy with manual cutting machine most new blades.


For your information: va8? va6? any difference?
When the va6 and the va8 tools were made there was no specific reference for these , all 3 use the same VA2 keyblade .

yes the va8 is for the 1234Q5678H series with 8 cuts , it will also do the daf cf series 7 cut lock as well , it will also do the VA6 6 cut models though will be sloppy decode due to extension .

the question was what key blade as va8 not listed in silca which it wont be as a lishi reference not a key blank reference , the blade is va2 all are listed under VA2 in instacode ;

ic : 1049 for the 6 cut ABCDEF series
IC : 1125 for 6 cut 1234Q5678H series
IC : 1126 for 6 cut 1234Q5678H series
IC : 1423 for 8 cut 1234Q5678H series

not all lishi tool refrences relate to silca references as quite often a tool is developed long before silca assign a key blank reference to it , good examples are ‘

vag2015 8 , 9 and 10 cut


H & Q have no meaning to you if reading lock with a lishi tool , they are values that are used in the dealer code under certain conditions .

when 2 x 4 cuts sit next door to each other they change them to QQ , 2 x 8 cuts sat next door to each other change to HH , a 4 cut and an 8 cut sat next door to each other change to Q and H .

so if you read a lock as 673784 , the manufacturers code would read QH7376 , if entering direct cuts you reverse this to 6737HQ or 673784 both cut the same key

so you can enter Q or 4 and you can enter 8 or H it will still cut the same