How to use HON66 key cutting machine for Honda all key lost

HON66 manual key cutting machine is an ideal locksmith tool to cut Honda and Acura keys. The HON66 key cutting machine comes with free key profile number software that support all key lost.

Support model:

HON66 Honda, and Acura Concept S1, BYD F6

Top feature:


1) Smart design & light weight (0.2KG)

2) Pure steel manufacturing process

3) Support all key lost

4) Avoid vibration feature

5) Much cheaper in price (53Euro) comparing with other key cutting machines

6) Design with two explorators

1.The black cam on the right is able to adjust key profile number of the key bit, and then directly lock key profile number and attach key tooth to the explorator end.


2.The black exploratory is to hold the key billet, then attach it to the end of the milling cutter. Support disposable cutting with extreme accuracy and flawless shape.

HON66 key cutting machine 1

HON66 key cutting machine 2 HON66 key cutting machine 3 HON66 key cutting machine 4 HON66 key cutting machine 5


7) Easy-to-use

How to use HON66 Honda manual key cutting machine?

Step 1: Check key profile number

Check key profile number with the free key profile software

Step 2: Hook up key cutting machine

Common key cutting machine that support all keys lost