How to solved CONDOR XC-MINI Forget Password

Here are tips help you when you forget password when you forget the password to enter CONDOR XC-MINI.

NOTE: the tips are available for Xhorse CONDOR XC-MINI Automatic Key Cutting Machine


  1. Open CONDOR XC-MINI Online Update Tool v2.02.


  1. Click the down arrow and select “Clear all data (need redo: Cut_Celibrate, X1 init and X2 init)”.

condor password setting-1

Ps. ( click to free download CONDOR Update Tool v2.02, initial password: 123456)

  1. When you clear all data but you still need a password when power on, then the password: 123456.

Then please go to Self Test firstly.

condor password setting-2

  1. If no password needed when power, then you can go to Height Level Adjustment>>Clamp Calibration>>Cutting Calibration.


  1. Please enter according the order above, and do as the instruction shows.

condor password setting-3

Hope it helps.


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