How to choose a decent tool for 35080vp erase

Topic: 35080vp read: R270 programmer or VVDI Prog?

What’s the difference between the EPROM chips as listed:



Car year difference:

35080 and 35080v6 are different for example 35080 is in bmw until 2004 and 35080v6 is in newer bmw cars


Data erasing difference:

this eeprom has incremental area which cannot be erased by default.

ETL, xprog, upa are able to erase them by using special way.

M35080, M35080_6 can be erased by upa, xprog and a lot more programmers

On M35080V6 and D80D0WQ you need special programmes like ETL or Codiprog or machines like digiprog, enigma to erase them.

In any case incremental area has to be erased before writing.


How to choose a decent programmer for 35080vp erase:


VVDI Prog: works


review 1:

35080 VP is erase full with vvdi programmer. good luck


review 2:

R270 vp series cip eraser need 5-10 hours

vvdi normal eraser


R270: need luck


review 1: 1-2 hours

R270 OK! Sometimes 1-2 hours.


review2: no luck

Left it 3 days with no luck….

Stopped it myself


review 3: not work

R270 wont do the 35080VP but other it do fine an I do not have blank at the moment


review 4: tried twice

R270 do job very well, sometimes need try for 2 times, because reading stop


review 5: change

for change U also can use 080D0WQ eep


review 6: need pcb rework

R270 can work but the board needs rework.


1- Change the power supply to good quality: 12V 1.5A !
2- Change capacitor :

3- Change resistor:

And to make R270 better on M35080, please replace the resistor R11 by 200-1K resistor.



Other programmers:


Eraser from work in 3 Sek



Tip: 35080 vp eeprom most equipment struggle erasing different results..

dont think 95080 will work in place of 35080 different characteristics of eeprom.