How to change KM in BMW FEM BDC system? Which tool?

Post is on which tool best to change KM for BMW FEM BDC system? and how to do?

Tools Option:

Xhorse VVDI2 (Pay extra money for BMW FEM/BDC authorization)

Yanhua FEM/BDC Programmer V1.4

BMW Explore


  1. How to use Xhorse VVDI2 to change KM inBMW FEM BDC?

Xhorse VVDI2 V4.3.0 supports reset FEM/BDC KM(cluster require reset manually).

VVDI2 V4.3.0 download free:!W1pSRRTL!0n8OX4wshaB1s0O06SDhTR0KvO32nPHZWg4CQjBMdrA



How to Reset KM in FEM/BDC system?

Just follow the steps on the screen if you have no idea.

Price: Extra 600-800dollars to authorize FEM/BDC.

  1. Guide: BMW FEM BDC KM reset with Yanhua FEM/BDC Programmer V1.4


Since Yanhua FEM/BDC Programmer V1.4 update, KM reset is working.

Yanhua FEM/BDC Programmer source:

& software V1.4 with FEM BDC KM reset download:

OS: XP/Win7/Win10

Files contained:


Using tips:

The software and hardware must update all!!!

The step as follow:

  1. install BMW_FEM_BDC_EN_V1.0.4.msi
  2. run BMW_FEM_BDC.exe
  3. click “Upgrade adapter”, select the upgrade file: BMW-FEM-V14.bin
  4. follow the tip, wait for upgrade complete

Price: 650 dollars


  1. Guide: BMW FEM BDC KM reset with BMW explore

Starting from verion 17.05.16 BMW-explorer got new functionality to reset mileage in FEM/BDC.

Reset mileage FEM BDC ENG on Youtube video:

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