(Guide) How to calibrate Condor XC-MINI M1&M2 clamp?

If you need to know how to calibrate Condor XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine M1 and M2 clamp, this is a step-by-step guide for your reference. Hope it helps!


How to calibrate Condor XC-MINI M1 clamp?

Click “Self Test” then “Clamp Calibration”.

condor-xc-mini-m1-m2-clamp-calibration-1 condor-xc-mini-m1-m2-clamp-calibration-2


Choose “M1”


Put a blank key into M1 clamp and tighten.


Click “Continue”


After the machine stop, click “Confirm”. Condor XC-MINI M1 clamp calibration complete!


How to calibrate Condor XC-MINI M2 clamp?

Click “Self Test” then “Clamp Calibration”

Choose “M2”


Put the M2 clamp with side “A” upwards then click “Continue”

condor-xc-mini-m1-m2-clamp-calibration-8 condor-xc-mini-m1-m2-clamp-calibration-9 condor-xc-mini-m1-m2-clamp-calibration-10


After side “A” calibration complete, turn side “B”→ side “C” → side “D” in sequence. Steps are same as side “A” calibration.

After the machine stop, click “Confirm”. Condor XC-MINI Master M2 clamp calibration complete!



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