Espace 4 key card used Programming Guide

Car key type: a Espace 4 ph2 with keycard 3 buttons with keyless PCF7936.

Purpose: to program a used key card (Same Buttons and chip). I am trying to learn an used oem key to the car.

Attached the picture. The left one is mine and the right from the other car.

I meant I have the Pin. But only for my car. Not from the other key.

What to do next?

Replace PCF or unlock old PCF, then precode for your car and finally learn to car.


With keydiy KD-X2 or Xhorse mini key tool you can unlock the PCF (the installed transponder) –> Virginize it.
Then you need to create a so called dealer key out of it and learn to your vehicle with renolink. Do you already have the login pin?

When the key is already adapted to another vehicle, you cannot add it to yours. You have to unlock it first. Google “unlock id46 chip Renault”.

Both are very cheap (about 150€) and or only for generating and renewing keys. I own both of them.

I would suggest you to buy the keydiy KD-X2 It has everything on board (renewing cables) and can also clone many transponders 4D/46/48

Both are token free as long as you don’t want to online calculate id48 keys (VAG vehicles).

You can also pay with the collected points.

Which programmer to buy to learn Espace 4 keys to cars?

VVDI2 is only for bmw, vag, Porsche and Peugeot.
If you want to buy from xhorse, buy the the big tablet from them. VVDI Key Tool Plus.
For resetting the transponder you have to solder wires to the pcb. It doesn’t work by remote.

What about VVDI Key Tool Max?


That’s the one I have and it can renew keys but does not come with the cables. You need to buy the renew cables separately.

Why all this trouble about one used key? A new one doesn’t even cost 10€. Where can I buy a new key at 10€?


Image: KEYYOU ID46 PCF7947 Chip for Renault Clio Logan Megane 2 3 Scenic Remote Key 3 Buttons 433Mhz Smart Card Emergency Insert

Good to know:

7936 is only the basic ID46 transponder without any remote information. PCF794x only means that remote information of the central locking system is also stored in the transponder chip alongside with the anti-theft system. These transponders never belong to a single vehicle model or even brand. When you look for pcf7947 in aliexpress you will finde hundreds of vehicles using that specific id46 transponder type.

So you received a lot of information and device suggestions. Now you have to get your stuff sorted and decide how you want to proceed with your key adding challenge. Any locksmith with proper tools would do job for under 90€ within 20 min.